Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mexico Cruise: Nerds Gone Wild

Today we let the inner nerd go all out in Mazatlan with a seven hour bird watching and estuary tour, news of which resulted in many pitting glances from our fellow zip lining adventuring cruise passengers. What made this one of our favourite days on our trip was not only the amazing birds we saw, or the great facts we learned, but the charisma and sincerity of Captain Polo, our guide. Who was a breath of fresh air after the amount of sing songy obnoxious tourist driven sales men. His small family operated tour coupled with his genuine love of birds resulted in one of my all time favourite excursions ever.

Initially the thought of getting up at sunrise to be dragged through the seven hour swap trip cloaked as an estuary was less than appealing especially considering our less than perfect excursion the day before. However the boat tour through the mangrove estuary was amazing and after our seven hours were up we begged to be taken again.

Aside from the most perfect excursion I also got an excellent opportunity to test out the new lens in the wild which I was super excited about having only tested it at the park, see here, and the zoo, see here and here. I was able to successfully capture a ton of photos and I now know that this lens was the perfect gift from Mr. Rogue. Thank you Mr. Rogue, I love you, you are insanely the most perfect man in the world.


166.WILLET & 178.Marbled Godwit





Now we need to move onto the bane of my life, the brown pelican that I was so excited to have found for my ‘Photograph an Endangered Species in its Natural Habitat’ from my Rogue List, it is EVERYWHERE HERE. So you can imagine my dismay that the bird that I thought was a one of a kind shot IS EVERYWHERE. Ok now I am going to let that go because of the great shots that I got to take of them.



Also what we got to do with the bird that is everywhere was really cool. Capitan Polo stood on the bow of the boat and called the birds. He stood a white bucket of dead fish in his hand and whistled his tune and the pelicans descended all around us. They were landing on the canopy of the boat and the jumped down for the hand fed fish. We got to interact with them, feed them, and I even got to touch one. I was not terribly happy however when one of the pelicans, annoyed at the close-up I was trying to take, tried to eat my camera.


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Here is a great birding website I like to use. They have some cool projects you might be interested in participating in, too. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=1189

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