Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Little Nerdy Secret

Ok there is something wrong with me, I am addicted right now to shooting bird photography. So rather than me continuously uploading a million photos here of all my birds I have decided to make a birds on the brain blog and just post all that stuff over there. For the two people looking at this blog that are interested in my bird photos, or maybe three (hello there secret nerdy bird lover), go here. Now that does not mean that I won’t ever post another bird photo here, I will, or may for Photo Phriday, or just because but it won’t be all the time. For all the rest of you, I and my blog will be returning to our normal selves tomorrow. I promise, cross my heart and all that stuff.

Oh and just for old time’s sake this is my favourite bird photo, or two, of the day.



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paul peggy zeus said...

These two are excellent shots and I'm not a Little Nerdy Bird Lover either.

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