Thursday, August 6, 2009


Occasionally there are so many things boiling inside that you feel like everyone can see it. I realize that is not the case for the most part, but when I look into the mirror I can see it reflected back in my eyes. A few months ago I walked into my hair stylist’s salon and insisted she cut all my hair off “super short” and while she was doing that drastic change could she also dye it purple. Being a wonderful stylist and friend, she refused my outrageous demands and instead gently suggested some subtle highlights. In the end it was not the change that I wanted, because what I really wanted to change was not something that could be fixed with some hair dye and a pair of scissors.

A few days later, in a moment of insanity, I did end up in the car, staring in a rear view mirror, with my eyebrow scissors in my hands giving myself bangs. My brash action was a desperate cry in that moment to take control of something, anything, even if it was as simple as my own hair. In a way that day, alone in my car, I took the bull by the horns and felt that I had won a tiny battle.

Tiny battles are what give us the courage to fight the larger wars out there. By building my morale with these small victories, I feel that much closer to being able to win the biggest fight of all - getting my happiness back.

Yesterday I watched as Ms. Ivey League fought her own little battle. As she squirmed in the shiny leather of the salon chair and slid her fingers nervously through her dark blond hair, she took a step toward her own little victory; a victory that will hopefully bring her one step closer to her own happiness. As a fellow fighter, I sat by her side and held back tears of joy. Together we are braving the dark corners of our fears.

Insanely happy with the outcome, we brunettes welcome Ms. Ivey officially to the dark side.



Afterwards we swung by a department store to kill some time with some KILLER hats; the kind of hats that the funky grandma wears to her Sunday bridge party or to a high falutin’ church function. Of course we had to try them on, and of course we had to shoot some luscious photos of these works of art for you. Because how could I try something like this on and not share it with you?


I wonder if this hat would work for some lonely girl in New York for “fleet week?” Ms. Ivey League, on the other hand, will be joining Alice and the Mad Hatter for tea.


I wonder if adding this hat to my wardrobe would alleviate the need to change my hair color. I mean seriously adorable, right?

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