Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Los Angeles Zoo

Yesterday I went to Bel-Air Camera, the Mecca of all that a camera lover would EVER want. Seriously I was more excited walking into that store than being given a free pair of shoes. I could have stayed there forever caressing all of the wonderful camera equipment that I longingly yearn for but I had a mission so I turned my roaming eye away from the shiny displays and marched right up to the counter. I was here for a purpose to rent two different telephoto lenses for my Canon 50D. You see I have a macro lens and a regular all purpose lens but I found many times that I wanted to be able to shoot further and well I just had to have a telephoto lens. So here I am at Bel-Air to pick up my two lenses to try for the weekend since I could not choose between the two based on my research. Did I mention that I love lenses.


The last Photo Phriday, The Duck Pond, was me playing with these lenses. I stopped by on my way home from Bel-Air and I ended up staying for four and a half hours. It was like oxygen and I spent a lot of time getting the exact shot I wanted.

Today Mr. Rogue and I went out together to play with the cameras. We decided to go to the Los Angeles Zoo and oh the hours and hours of fun we had taking photos. Here are my most favourites of the day and even better than these shots we were able to decide which lens we want. Ok enough with the lens geek speak, do you want to see some pretty pictures, some pretty zoomed in shots, shots that I would have NEVER been able to get with the fence, and the moat, and the hundreds of feet between me and the animals. Just say thanks to the magnificent lens.












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MickiP said...

I LOVE these shots! The orangutan is Kalim. I'm in Florida now, and miss her a lot. She is quite a character, but can be so sweet and pose when she wants to do so. All the shots are wonderful, though!

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