Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kama Sutra Position #7

There is a beetle that lives in my back yard, well I think he lives in my back yard but I only ever see him between 2 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon flying around my bogenvia plant guarding his territory. We are not talking about a tiny beetle either, this beetle is large, about the size of a silver dollar and his wings sound like a mini helicopter. When we first moved in I was terrified of him but now I can sip my diet coke and watch his erratic movements without fear that he is going to eat my face off.

Ever since I have started getting interested in macro photography I have been dying to get a photo of him. I will wait for the hour of his customary hovering with my camera in hand hoping for just a moment that he will get just a tiny bit tired and land on an appealing branch so I can just get one photo. In the eight months that I have been staring at him not once has he landed; not one single friggin time. I think he knows that I am waiting for that photo and he is taunting me. I really don’t like bugs.

Now after months and months of waiting imagine my surprise today when I go out to play fetch with the dogs when I see him landed. I have never run so fast in my life for my camera, I was literally back outside in a second, hand shaking slowly approaching its landing place. I remember thinking for a moment I wonder WHY he finally landed but that did not matter right now. I managed to get a few shots before I shifted to the right so I could better catch his profile when, surprise number two came. I saw that it was not one elusive beetle but two; they were doing the naughty right there, the beetle kama sutra position number 7, right there in front of my magnified lens. I am going to add this photo to my pile of awkward photos; I think you will agree with me.


Ok so that over, I also managed to get two shots of the remaining beetle once the other left. Although I was super afraid I have to admit of the beetle taking off and eating my face I could not help in the moments it was still to revel at its shiny green beauty, at its eye on a stem shifting to assess me, at its hard legs grappling for a hold onto the leaf. Then it took off and I shrieked like a girl and took off running.




myLA said...

Dang it! Even the beetles are getting some!

Ivy said...

It's a June Bug! Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figeater_beetle

paul peggy zeus said...

I still can't picture you getting up close and personal with the bugs when as a little girl you were always so afraid of them... Weird, isn't it?

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