Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mexico Cruise: I Am Singing In My Sweat

Initially Ms. Ivey League and I planned on just shopping in the town of Puerto Vallarta today, but because we had so much fun yesterday on our bird watching tour we decided to hire a private car to explore the jungle before going out on the town. Normally in a foreign country I would not feel as comfortable going off on my own but with Ms. Ivey League’s knowledge of Mexico I felt completely comfortable following her lead. It is interesting because on the boat I tend to lead with my knowledge of past cruises (this is Ms. Ivey League’s first cruise) and on land she tends to lead which makes an excellent trip to travel together.

So after a late start due to some serious food poisoning last night on my part (normally I do not sensor but believe me here you will appreciate me just GLOSSING over this part) we managed with a lot of work on Ms. Ivey Leagues part to score a private tour to an isolated botanical garden in the jungle. Although this driver was not as wonderful as Captain Polo, and we were not able to find a ton of birds, we did the best with what we could and managed to have a great time; even soaked in sweat in the 105 degree temperature.

After trudging through the gardens we climbed a hill to get to rest in a rustic open air restaurant. Given the fact that it was so unbearably hot we were soaked with sweat bordering on hallucination. At the moment I thought I would pass out a beautiful bird flitted through the trees and I spent the next hour trying to get a Kodak photo of it. Ultimately the photo of this bird ended up being one of my favourites of the entire trip. Because we found it while I was hallucinating and dripping with sweat we started referring to it as my spirit animal.








The locals were wonderful and one in particular spent time showing us things of interest. He was fascinated with the telephoto lens and thought I was funny because I was interested in things he sees every single day. He pointed out lizards, birds and plants. Perhaps because of the camaraderie of exploring with them coupled with my easygoing attitude he felt comfortable enough to express their curiosity of my camera, a camera that had come to their gardens in the past. The glee he had on holding it and seeing how far it could focus was so sweet. I am glad Ms. Ivey League was there, first to get them to show us all this cool stuff and then to share with me their curiosity about the camera.

After our tour guide dropped us off back in town we launched at Senior Frogs, a loud noisy college type bar that could not have contrasted more greatly with the quiet serene jungle if it tried. I felt old, old and annoyed at the waiters that ogled us, the dj pouring shots down 18 year old tourists from the boat, the incessant shouting and laughing. At least the food was amazing, the joke they played on Ms. Ivey League was funny and I found a new favourite saying on the wall.



The town of Puerto Vallarta reminded me of Mexico City but on a smaller scale. There were so many wonderful things to see and to photo, like the statues peppered along the boardwalk beside the ocean. They were beautiful, whimsical and elegant. So much so that I wanted to fold each and every one and put it in my pocket.







Ah and then there were the two churches I was able to photo. OH HOW BEAUTIUFL AND MAJESTIC the churches were with vaulted ceilings, gold glinting in the dim light and the art, you could feel the aura and my photographer’s heart soared.







Officially I think the longest post with the most photos that I have ever put on this blog. If you made it this far then I love you, seriously I do!

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The statues are fantastic - I love how blue the sky is in the background.

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