Sunday, August 16, 2009

25. Go on a Vacation with Ms. Ivey League

Ahhhhhh so I am FINALLY back, back to my bed, back to my husband, connected again to my cell phone and it feels so good but I miss my friend, I miss the boat rocking me, I miss the freedom of no chores. Vacation is my best friend.

I am happy to say that with the completion of this trip I have completed another item on my Rogue Life List and Ms. Ivey League and I have completed a ten year goal to go on a trip together. There will hopefully be many many more travels for us in the future.


So I am back and although I did not have access to a computer while I was away on the cruise I did blog old school style every day, on a lounge chair, overlooking the ocean. Now I did schedule a few little things since I left but now I have gone back and filled in all the posts for every day I have been away and you can go back (since last sunday) and see all the wonderful photos and memories that we made. Enjoy.


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