Monday, August 17, 2009

Furry Cacti Eater

I came back from my week long trip to four animals and a husband all clamouring for attention. After about an hour of reassurance that I was not planning to leave for a while again, Mr. Rogue gave me the bad news. Even though I had arranged for Ms. Rambo and Ms. Sweetie Pie to alternate days so the puppies could get a walk every day (thanks guys you are the best), Phoenix still found the time away from me a little too much and like any disgruntled beast took it out in an act of childishness. In this case she took it out on my cacti. You see I have these tubular cacti on the side of one of the large trees in my backyard. Here is a shot from six months ago where they are healthy and happy, this is Pre-Phoenix.


Now, when I got home, this is the photo I took of the same tree. You notice that there are NO CACTI. She didn’t just destroy one or two she annulated the whole damn bunch. The tree is now completely NAKED!!!!!! Kids please avert your eyes.


And of course, any destruction like this does not happen without evidence of the crime. Even if Mr. Rogue had not told me, I could not have helped but notice the carnage the second I walked into our backyard. I will now refer this area as the 'dead zone' or the 'land where the cacti died'.


I cannot even be mad at her, she is adorable, even when she is chewing the crap out of all the cacti. You see here she does not even look guilty. The little bugger.

All along I knew Phoenix was a little high maitence. She has even earned the nickname of diva in my house because of her constant and varied issues. However with this latest incident I am thinking that maybe I need to bump that name up to something a little more high maitence than just plain diva. I think that I will start calling her Britney, the ultimate diva.



myLA said...

But I love those eyes. Every diva MUST master the eyes because if you can nail "the look" you will never really be in trouble.

cfunkhauser said...

LOL!! I Honestly thought Mr. Rouge was doing some major gardening while you were away!! I din't even think twice about it. Oh my!

Ivy said...

OMG! What will she chew on now that they are all gone? Watch out, Rogue & cats, or you'll end up in the catus graveyard, too!

paul peggy zeus said...

Maybe you can hire Phoenix out as a weeder to help folks with their gardening. Just remember to warn them, nothing will be left in her wake.

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