Saturday, August 22, 2009

Follow Through

I am STILL in a funk and I have no idea how to get out of it. I have been making plans, I have been going to the various events I have on my calendar even though all I want to do is cancel, my soul is SCREAMING to cancel, but instead I force myself to go hoping that something ANYTHING will break me out of the funk.

Friday night I woke up and made a list of things to do before I headed out to Ms. Eden’s house for our girls party and then I proceeded to ignore the list and just barely manage to get my butt reasonably ready and out the door in time. I almost cancelled but I followed my number one golden rule, do not ever cancel any plans unless you are dying. I was not dying and I was proud I got there.

Ms. Eden wasn’t in very good shape either. With a week from hell at work and exhausted from beating off the idiots (men) she was a little less than her perky happy self but together we followed the golden rule and did not cancel the party. Instead for the next hour and a half we moved furniture, cleaned, and set up the borrowed pole. This was a huge push to get everything together and we were exhausted by the time we finally got that damn pole up. Now unfortunately for us this did not end the debacle. We tested the pole and it was a bit wobbly, we looked at the directions and found out that the pole was an inch and a quarter off. So not wanting to be unsafe and end up with a girl on their head we called the 1-800 number, I was just as surprised that there was a pole 1-800 number. So the nice man on the other line, who probably thought I was a stripper, told me that all we needed to do was buy a six inch extension and that we could do that on Monday at the store. The only problem is that people were coming over in a half hour, so Ms. Eden got on the phone and called another girl, one who was not coming to the party, who has the same pole to see if she could borrow just a small part of it. Score on that Ms. Eden. So I stayed at the house to wait for the girls while Ms. Eden drove to Burbank to pick up the extra part. And then our damn girls started dropping like flies. Ms. Dancer ended up cancelling due to the mental drama of her week, Ms. M cancelled due to some runny bowl issues, and Ms. Soul showed up but had to scamper off shortly after arriving.

Ms. Eden and I managed to get the pole together correctly and spend two hours playing before calling it a night. We are old and tired and the week had just worn on us. As we turned on the lights and discussed how we would just leave the pole up so we could play later in the week Ms. Eden noticed a small imperfection in the pole. Yup we somehow managed to do something to practically indestructible metal. So instead of leaving it up we had to take it down and then because the pole was down we put Ms. Eden’s apartment back together again and then of course everything had to go back to my car.

By the end of the night it had been 7 hours of off and on torture but Ms. Eden and I persevered. We did not cancel the “party”, we kept to our guns and did what we said we were going to do, we were dependable, we fought the good fight and persevered. And seriously I think that was the only moral of the story today. What you can accomplish in the presence of SHEER WILLPOWER.

Saturday, Mr. Rogue and I got up, cooked breakfast and took our puppies to the dog park. Normally this is not a big deal, Rogue and I have been to the park a million times, but this time was Diva’s first time so we both went in case there was a ruckus. I could not believe how well behaved our little baby was. I was a little nervous because she is a little terror at home sometimes, see here, but she was a complete angel. She played nice with all the other dogs, she listened and came when she was called and she was a complete success keeping all four paws on the ground with all the people that wanted to pet her. Darling, just darling.

We also had plans to meet Mr. & Mrs. Bulldog and some friends for dinner and although I was not feeling 100% I don’t cancel. We went and I ended up having a lovely time with friends which included a yummy mushroom pizza and an apple martini.

I feel good pushing through this weekend and keeping all my plans and I know I did not do anything more than keep my word but sometimes follow through is hard, very very hard.


Ivy said...

I am so glad you had a good time last night. Sometimes an appletini makes everything better! Bravo to Baby Diva for behaving herself at the park. I think that says a lot about how far you have brought her - and it hasn't been easy! You're a great rottie mommy. Good luck getting that pole fixed. Remember that Ivey Industries is always there for you. We can order a stainless steel tube and cut it to the right length for you. Hey, now that I think about it, if you ever wanted one in YOUR house, we could probably MAKE it for you! Sweetie, you'll get out of this funk. Just keep on doin' whatcha doin'. This too shall pass, Charlie.

Courtney Marie said...

I am very glad you came out Saturday night, it was good to see you! And thank you for the bullie pics, they look amazing!

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm sorry you're still having tough days. I wish I could take all that away for you. Keeping busy must help, so keep busy and surround yourself with those wonderful friends of yours.

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