Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brixton S Fun

Last Friday I went out with Ms. Dancer and Ms. Eden to meet a group of S girls at the Brixton Club on the beach for a very special event.



We were going to see Madame Butterfly, the winner of the 2009 Pole dancing competition and as a bonus we were also going to see the Sassy Minxx show. Now there was ABSOLUTLY no nudity it was just a fun burlesque type of dancing and we all had an absolute riot. Madame Butterfly was probably the strongest person I have ever seen. Some of the tricks she did seemed to even defy gravity.


All of us S women were in COMPLETE awe. And the Sassy Minxx girls were adorable, especially their costumes. We were all hooting and hollering. It was a great show.


So other than the fact that my toe got stepped on and that our group skated out right after the show, hey it was midnight and it was WAY past our bedtime, we had so much fun. I really love living in LALA land sometimes.

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