Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beach Bon Fire Ms. Dancer

Twenty one years ago I met a girl, Ms. Ivey League, over a barbiturate project (which is whole other story that I am totally not getting into right now but I promise I will soon). Eighteen years ago I meet a girl, Ms. Dancer, on a junior high school track team.


It was magic that we met and I am so grateful for these girls, now women, who have grown up right beside me. But any long term relationship takes a lot of work. There are good times, there are bad times, there are train wrecks, there are growing pains but through it all we hung on to each other with both hands refusing to let go even when life threatened to tear us apart.



Because we are so close when life throws us curve balls we feel each other’s pain acutely. Thankfully when shittith hits the fan generally only one of our three is on her knees. We rely heavily on each other and it is nice to have friends who know you so well, who have grown up with you, and who have seen you grow up.

Men have come and gone through our collective lives and each of has had that man who has broken us down and left us a mess. But we were there to pick each other back up again. It is hard to see a friend date a man who you know is wrong for her, but we all make our own mistakes and learn from them. I am so thankful that Ms. Dancer has found the perfect man for her, the soon to be Mr. Dancer. Her joy and happiness at this point in her life is my joy and happiness.


Today was Ms. Dancers annual beach bonfire, this year doubling as their engagement celebration. The weather was perfect, the food was good, the fire was hot but of course there were the little hiccups. Being the Matron of Honor I was rushing around trying to make sure that things went smoothly which included a mile long trek to find a missing party goer who had parked too far. Which ended up with a return mile long trek with a bundle of wood on my shoulder; this diva was not happy, thank God for my waitressing skills. However I was a little miffed at getting stiffed on the tip.


The wood incident, which by the way caused me not only to have sever back pain but I also a blister on my foot, was trumped by the waterproof sunscreen in the eye incident. By trying to prevent Ms. Dancers face from getting a third degree burn I somehow managed to cover my eyeball with sunscreen which I spent the next 6 hours crying out. I played it off like I was happy, with tears of joy, for the newly engaged couple. I think someone may have actually bought that story.


At sunset with tears still streaming out of my eye Ms. Ivey League and I walked down the beach to take in the sunset. I tried unsuccessfully one more time to convince her to move, her answer is always no. I have a theory though, water against rock.

As I stared across the multicoloured beach I thanked God for the life I have, the wonderful friends, and Mr. Rogue. Oh and I pinched myself again, do I really live in LALA Land?


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You make that wood look light as a feather!

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