Monday, August 31, 2009

BBBS 18 – The Beach

I am half drowned, there is a gallon or three of salt water in my stomach, I have had sand in every orifice and I burned my skin all under the guise of having a great day at the beach. I have learned one thing today, one VERY important lesson, having children with you when you go to the beach DRASTICALLY changed this childless person’s mind of what you do at the beach.

I took Ms. Little and her twin to the Redondo Beach today. As a surprise I had picked up some boogie boards and man did we have a riot in the waves. I was a bit of a nervous Nelly. Neither of the girls know how to swim, which is something that I am going to have to try and remedy, so I spent most of the time in the water holding both of their little hands in mine making sure that they did not get caught by an undercurrent or get swept over their heads. We also spent some time gathering sand crabs, something that I did growing up as a child with my mother, but not exactly something that I found terribly exciting now. The glee on their little faces however when they came to show me their trophies was precious so I humoured them, I looked into their little pail full of gross crawly crabs and praised them over the amount. We also buried Ms. Little in the sand, I was volunteered to be the one to be buried but I quickly steered that one away from me. And between the crab gathering, the wave jumping, the nervously watching their every move I managed to forget to reapply my sun block, hence the burn.

By the time I dropped them off we had spent 5 hours together, 4 of which were spent either lugging the beach parifinalia to the water and running after two 11 year olds. I am way too old to be running after children or at least I need to build up my stamina. I was a wreck when I finally arrived home. I staggered in the door, took a shower to remove the sand from my person, I downed a nice big glass of wine and then slipped into bed to take a two hour nap. Ahhhh the luxury of borrowing kids rather than having them. It really is priceless.


Courtney Marie said...

You are such a good big sister! Think of this as training, you are going to be such a good mom :)

paul peggy zeus said...

sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Take care of that skin of yours - its too beautiful to burn.

Anonymous said...

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