Sunday, August 2, 2009

43. Photograph and Endangered Species in its Natural Habitat

addendum: Had to very sadly retract this

I completed one of the things on my Rogue Life List today. I managed to get a great photo of an endangered animal, the Brown Pelican at Torrey Pines State park. My mother and I were talking a walk along the beach and of course I had my camera, THANK GOD I had my camera because we came upon this Pelican just hanging out on the sand. When I shot the photo I was not even aware that it was an endangered animal, I just remember thinking that it was a super cool bird to photo. Imagine my GLEE, no my EUPHORIA when I got home and started looking up the names of the various things I took photos of that day, because I am a geek like that and like to learn random things and I like to make sure that when I post something for you I am calling it by its proper name so you can fill your head with random things too. See how I share, it is because I like you. Anyways I could not believe when I learned that this was an endangered animal and that I could check off what I thought would be a very difficult item off my Rogue Life List. So I would like to humbly thank this Brown Pelican for hanging out on the beach and for sitting so prettily for the photo, I would like to thank the stars that my mother and I went for a walk, and I would like to thank Mr. Rogue for getting me this camera that I love OH SO MUCH.


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