Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wet Dog

It has been a little difficult assimilating Phoenix into the family. Between her parasite, the issues with her stitches, her skin allergies, the boils on her feet, and her food aggression we have had quite a ride with our most recent addition into the family. Thankfully after 168 days I can officially say that all the problems we were having are finally under control. Of course we have had to make special concessions for our little California Diva. She has to have a special food, she needs to have certain sensitive skin shampoos and then there is a specific type of non-allergenic flea medication. All of this combined and she is now a very happy little girl.

Today was her first bath with her new non-allergenic shampoo and just like Rogue, Phoenix hates the water, hates getting her feet wet and therefore hated her bath. The puppies were so cute all wet and steeped in their misery I just had to get the camera to document the moment.





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Courtney Marie said...

So cute! I'm going to show these pics to the bullies so they know how good they have it, they get their bath in a bathtub! I love how you captured the water droplets.

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