Monday, July 20, 2009

True Friends

I think it is hard to be an empowered, happy, moral and open woman. I try to live with my truth as honestly as possible and many times that leads to me concurring fears and suffering countless heartaches. But in these moments where I do end up wining the battle or when I reflect on my heartache I know in my soul that I have tried my best to be the best I can be. That does not mean that I have not tripped, man oh man have I tripped and fallen flat on my face multiple times, but all those trips and falls have created a stronger more powerful me.

I am lucky in the fact that I have found those special soul sisters (new and old) who are struggling right along side of me. Who have helped me stand and continue my journey when I felt like I could not walk another step, who encouraged me when I could not see my path, and who guarded over me when I closed my tear filled eyes secure in the safety of their arms. I am also lucky that I have been able to share my strength for my sisters in their time of need.

My life is more fulfilled with these wonderful women, these soul sisters with their pure hearts and I could not wish more for them than their very own happily ever afters. Two days go my very best friend of now 19 years got engaged to her soul mate. Her road has been a rocky one, a road that we traveled together, and I could not be happier for her and her wonderful news. I am so ecstatic that she is going to be married to her special soul mate the one who makes her glow brighter than I have ever seen her and that we will be moving into this next phase of our lives as we always have hand in hand with our heads raised high, together taking over the world.

Thanks for asking me to be your Matron of Honour Ms. Dancer. You mean the world to me.


jess said...

tear...so many thoughts. i will be the pink elephant to your orange elephant, the pixie to your sprite and the flatter to your circular. life's lessons are hard. but so much more fun with my best friend by my side.

paul peggy zeus said...

Congrats Ms Dancer! I am so happy my "other daughter" has found such a great person to spend the rest of her life with. Daughter, you are so very lucky to have such incredible friends for LIFE!

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