Friday, July 17, 2009

Tiramisu is My Tums – Weird Rationalizations

Ms. Pool Shark, her man and I all went out to dinner and then to the laugh factory. I decided for dinner to take them to my favourite small Italian restaurant in Brentwood, Pecorino which I have been to a few times before, see here. Even though we were happy to be together again we were all a little tired and beat. I could not sleep all night so in turn I ended up sleeping all day. The sleeping all day caused me rushing through the MOUNTAIN of chores I needed to accomplish because Mr. Rogue’s friend is coming into town tomorrow. That coupled with the headache and queasy stomach left me dragging bottom. I am too old to be out until 3:00 am in the morning. Of course wearing new earrings, a new dress and new shoes made me feel oh so happy and special so that helped a little.


Once we had pasta and I chugged two diet cokes I started feeling a bit better and then even though we were running behind on time Ms. Pool Shark and I decided to order a desert to split. I convinced myself that the tiramisu would act as a balm for my stomach. I was sure that the acid of the tomato sauce I had on my ravioli would cause my stomach to hurt more and that the tiramisu would be a good base to neutralize the problem. I shared this thought with the table, which led to a discussion about how the mind can rationalize almost anything.


I had heard good things about the Laugh Factory and was excited to take my guests. We arrived with just enough time to valet the car and grab seats before the show started. Overall I thought the club was good but there are some key things I know to prepare for in the future. Don’t sit in the front because those are the people that get made the most fun of, make sure you go to the bar before the show because the drinks served here were expensive and very sub par, and don’t show up late, the people that did for our show got picked on incessantly.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - I LOVE comedy houses. Most of us can only WISH to look that refreshing after having no sleep the night before - dream on, girls!

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