Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things are Starting to Break

Today started out promising. I slept in and after going to bed with a migraine last night I woke up totally refreshed with no head pain at all. I made a healthy breakfast, took the dogs on a walk, and talked to some girlfriends. In fact one of my conversations with Ms. Eden turned into an impromptu to invitation to hang out at her deck top pool downtown. Hollah. Within two hours I was sprawled out sipping water and soaking up much needed sunshine and lots of girl time gossip.


Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms. Eden’s pool deck and I would like one on the roof of my house. That is one of the non-negotiable items for the next house Mr. Rogue and I purchase that it have a nice pool. In the mean time I will just have to borrow Ms. Eden’s. I have the best friends ever!

After our sunbathing we headed inside to freshen up and then we were off to our S class. I almost decided to skip out of my 2 hour workout only because I had pulled an ab muscle in my Monday workout. But I decided despite the pain I was going to go, this is my whole “Don’t use excuses to get yourself out of planned workouts.” Ms. Bulldog who is doing awesome with her weight loss has inspired me to get my butt in gear. If she can do it with a full time job I sure as hell should be able to do it being a jobless hussy. So I went and I had a great great class even if I had to modify some of the moves and be extra careful of my injured ab. I was happy, I had pushed through and now it was time for our classes ritual sushi dinner we do after class almost every week. As we were outside saying goodbye to the girls that were not coming to dinner I bent down to inspect my big toe, my big toe that started out throbbing a little but was now pulsating with pain. To MY HORROR I noticed blood and the fact that my toenail was now at a 45 degree angle. OUCH OUCH DOUBLE OUCH. I turned sheet white. I felt a little woozy. I don’t like blood and body parts doing things at odd angles. That is NOT OK in my book. My girls got together and found antiseptic wipes and some Band-Aids so I just wrapped it up and went to dinner. Today was very obviously going downhill fast so I did what any headstrong stubborn person would do I ignored the problem and carried on with my plans. The only problem is that my toe started throbbing more, and my pulled ab muscle was throbbing, and then my head started to throb with a new migraine. The food did not help cure any of my ailments but sushi always makes me happy and I had a great time with Ms. Eden.

By the time we walked back to the car, I drove home and I walked in the door the pain was super intense. I called Mr. Rogue and between hiccupped sobs I told him that my class broke me, that I was in a ton of pain and I did not know what to do. Within an hour he had done research online for my treatment, left work, and gone to get supplies. He came home with a mountain a mountain of items for me.


He then poured an Epson salt bath for my foot, gave me two Tylenol, helped me wrap my toe in gauze and tape. By this time I was pouty and cursing about my horrible fate. Mr. Rogue thought that would be a good time to take a photo. He loves it when I pout.


You can see my toe injured in the bucket of water. And yes the nail is still attached, and yes it is painted pink, and no you cannot tell that there is even anything wrong with it. I almost cursed my nail because it looks so healtily normal. But like most things that are bad it is a bad nail cloaked in oh so pretty polish and it is posing as a perfectly good nail. I am assured by multiple sources on the internet that my nail will fall off in just a few days. And let me tell you I am so excited for that to happen because I am just about to go on a few summer vacations where a foot with NO TOENAIL will look PERFECT. The sarcasm is thick. I think it is the vodka.

Only after my toe was taken care of did he feed me the chocolate ice cream that he had also bought. This is why I love Mr. Rogue. Not only does he take command when I need him, he takes great care of me and my injuries, but also because he does not forget the little things like how Epson salt and Tylenol might help my wounded toe but ice cream will help my wounded soul.

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myLA said...

Yesterday was such fun until your toe decided to turn on you. You look adorable in this photo. I love that Mr. Rogue takes care of you so well. He is a gem. :)

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