Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snap, Crackle & Pop

I am sitting here at the computer after getting home from the fourth of July BBQ festivities I attended and there is still the constant babble of firecrackers going off in my neighbourhood all around me. I am not getting sleep anytime soon and the dogs are LESS than pleased. Even with the prospect of a not so quiet sleep tonight it was a nice lazy day spent with Mr. Rogue and friends. For that I will gladly suffer through the idiots who are STILL shooting off fireworks (probably drunk idiots).

Mr. Rogue and I woke up late (we are trying to fit in as many of these as we can before we get pregnant and the sleep deprivation sets in with a permanence that neither of us want to face), had a lazy morning including tea on the back porch and then shot over to Ms. Mary’s house for grilled BBQ fun. It was a small gathering which is just my style and Ms. Mary lives just off the beach so it was super convenient to just walk over to the water at dusk for the Huntington Beach firework display. Of course I brought my camera and I did not realize until we got there how difficult it was to photo fireworks. Mr. Rogue and I split away from the group and settled down on the sand with a blanket. After fiddling with the settings on the camera I finally got some shots I was happy with.






Sometimes I even end up with interesting mistakes like this last one that I cannot help but post.

But I did not want to sit there with the camera glued to my face the entire time. After I was sure I got some semi decent shots I set the camera aside and snuggled into Mr. Rogues lap. The beautiful dancing light in the sky and the love filled arms wrapped around my waist on that beach made me so thankful for what I have and who I have to share it with.



paul peggy zeus said...

You both look very happy! and Great shots of the fireworks!!! Remember - you DESERVE to be so thankful for what you have and DESERVE even more to be happy.

myLA said...

Your "mistake" is my favorite. I love this picture of the two of you. Such love... *sigh*

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