Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She Put on the Veil

Yesterday Ms. Dancer picked me up for her appointment with her first wedding dress store. Her mother who was visiting from out of town and her little sister who has finally moved to LALA Land both came as well. With Ms. Dancer and I being best friends for so long I call her mom, mom and I consider her little sister my little sister as well. They picked me up at 9:00am and LORDY it was pretty difficult to get my butt out of bed. Probably because I generally like to sleep in but mostly because I did not go to bed the night before until 3am. We were all hungry, I was ravenous, so we stopped and had breakfast along the way. I teased the little sister, I talked to mom about what has been going on with me since the wedding when we last saw each other, and we talked about potential venues and times for the wedding. It was a comfortable family meal filled with light and laughter.


Ms. Dancer was excited when we finally got to the bridal store, excited and filled with a little bit of healthy fear. I remember when I was first asked the questions by the stylist. What style did you want, when was the wedding, what was the venue, do you want a sweetheart neckline or a cathedral length trail. The bombarding of questions is a bit intimidating. Thankfully we glossed over those questions with a simple, we are not sure let’s try on a bit of everything. Although we did not go completely nuts trying on dresses we did manage to find a style that I think Ms. Dancer likes after only three dress try-on’s, and the fourth dress, sigh it was exquisite. She thinks it may even be the one and it is so different and original I think it is perfect for her, made for her, but we will see after it marinates for a few days. I am not going to blog about the details, and I do know you all want details, and you know I would hold nothing back if it were about me, I would tell you each and every little detail pinkie swear, but they are not my details to tell and I am “trying” to be a good matron of honour. I did however call the bride a few minutes ago and the conversation did not go well for me, and therefore not well for you either. I asked if I could post some of the photos I snuck at the boutique, the ones that I was kindly asked not to take, the ones that I continually kept sneaking, the ones that I got a few stink-eyes from the sales lady for taking. I thought I was going to get thrown out. But I was firmly told no! I tried to then suggest that I post a crop of her in one of the wedding dresses, and it is not even THE wedding dress that she loved. Again I was met with my least favourite word, no. So I did not even ask if I could describe THE dress in detail here, I did not even try to sneak that one by because by this time the no was becoming a repetitive theme to my questions and honestly I was getting a bit tired of it. But she is the bride, this is her time, I had my time, so I am gonna be a good girl and not tell you anything but that I am frustrated to be told no.

Other than not being able to tell you any details or show you any photos I can say that I felt so happy for her in the hour and a half we were there. She was so beautiful in all her wedding dress finery trying on. And when they put on the veil I almost wept with my happiness for her. She is one of the most genuine open hearted people I know and whenever I really need her she is always there.

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paul peggy zeus said...

hey, Ms Dancer - I'm almost like a mom - I should get a "photo" of your dress....oohh! You are going to be a very beautiful bride for sure!

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