Monday, July 6, 2009

Set Foot In All Fifty States

This is a simple map that I am using to keep track of where I have been in order to reach my goal on my Rogue Life List to set foot in all 50 states. As of today I have visited 28 of the 50 states.


Michigan – Born – left for college in 1998
Ohio – I have been here a million times because of Cedar Pointe
Colorado – Rocky Mountain National Park, The Garden of the Gods, The Cave of the Winds, and the Great Sandunes.
Wyoming – Yellowstone
North Carolina – White Water Rafting
Kentucky – Smoky Mountains
Wisconsin – Wisconsin Dells Water Park
South Dakota – Badlands and Devils Tower
Virginia – Virginia Beach
Missouri – St Louis Arches
Alabama – Visited Uncle Omer
Tennessee – Camping (got to pet wild deer)
Montana – exiting Yellowstone north we had a july snowball fight in shorts
Pennsylvania – 1998-2004; College
Massachusetts – 1999; Boston – to see Rich Baby
Illinois - Visited Ms. Ivy went to Chicago
New York – 6-20-03; Jeff visit New York City
Connecticut – 6-16-03; GE Business stay for a month
California – 2004-present; Getting a Real Career and Marrying Mr. Rogue
Washington – 9-10-07; Business Trip for work
Florida – Visit with the Cambell’s & 11-27-2007; Visit the Lambchop’s for Thanksgiving
Indiana – When we were kids Turkey Run State Park & 4-11-2008; Visit Ms. Ivey League
New Jersey – 6-16-08; Business trip with work
Arizona - 10-06-09; Grand Canyon Anniversary Trip
Utah - 10-16-09; Visited Zion National Park
Nevada - 10-18-09; Las Vegas Anniversary Trip
Georgia - 12-28-10; New Years with Mr. & Mrs. Penn State
South Carolina - 2011; Charleston, The Dancer Wedding


paul peggy zeus said...

What about Colorado? You've been to the Rocky Mt National Park, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Durango, the Great Sandunes there. Also Yellowstone which is in Wyoming. We've been white water rafting in North Carolina and to the Smokey Mountains which is in Kentucky. AND Wisconsin Dells. How's that?

paul peggy zeus said...

I almost forgot, you also went to New Jersey for another business trip....

Love you!

paul peggy zeus said...

Don't forget about the Badlands and Devils Tower in South Dakota and Virginia Beach in Virginia too!!!! AND Indiana where you and Kevin learned how to swim, and Turkey Run State Park there too! I'm sure there are other vacations which I can't recall at this moment.... too!

paul peggy zeus said...

okay, so you can delete all my comments. I forgot about the St Louis Arches in St Louis Missouri toooo where there was a museum underneath and you guys were acting like cowboys riding on the stagecoach....

paul peggy zeus said...

Alabama where we visited Uncle Omer and grandma and Grandpa were there too, then we went camping in Tennessee with that Olympic sized pool and you got to pet that wild deer, remember??? yeah, we had lots of fun on our vacations with you kids and I loved every single one.

paul peggy zeus said...

Dad thought of another one. When we left Yellowstone we exited north into Montana where we had that snowball fight in July. . . now, that was FUN!!

Inzodda said...

Um, all I want to know is why does it say you were born in Michigan in 1998? Am I missing something here? LMAO :)~

Ms. Ivy said...

Didn't you drive across the country when you moved to Cali? Does that count as "setting foot?"

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