Friday, July 3, 2009

Photo Phriday: Eyes

Taking my love of close-ups and meshing that with those that I love best has created this weeks photo phriday, and I have to say one of my favourites so far. It was incredibly difficult to get the subjects to stay still, the focus, and the light all perfect. I spent a day per subject to and then multiple hour’s photo retouching them until I was happy. Here are my favourites this week.


Mr. Rogue has the most wonderful eyelashes. It is something that I noticed right away when we first started to date. Sometimes when I cannot sleep I gaze at them resting peacefully against Mr. Rogue’s cheek. They make me smile.


Seurat, my not so fatty fatty cat, constantly is harassing me to go outside (he is an indoor cat only). He knows that if I ever did let him out of the house those beautiful aqua eyes of his would have the little girl cats in the neighbourhood following him around everywhere.


Phoenix has this poor me, begging, save me sad eyes down to a science. I should take lessons because I cannot deny her anything. Maybe this is why she is getting the nickname of Diva in our house.


Picasso, my little sun worshiper and lazy man extraordinaire would NOT sit still for the camera, I shot him on two separate occasions and it was nearly impossible to get this shot.


Look deep into my eyes. I really like the contrast in this shot and the lines in his eyes are so pronounced, kind of alien, kind of creepy.


I love this shot of Ms. Dancer’s eye. Look closely and you can see her legs stretched out in front of her, me with my camera, Mrs. Rambo from next door coming over to see what is going on and my bright yellow car. I just love the imagery, colors and complexity of this shot.

Really this week I had SUCH a hard time, I couldn’t decide which was my favourite. Which one did you like the most and why, because I really care what you think. I have a few but I am curious if those are the ones that the majority thinks are good too.


myLA said...

So hard to choose just one. But I will share my top 3. Ms. Dancer, Mr. Rogue and my Diva. Beautiful, beautiful work. Mamacita and I were looking at them as part of our un-cabo weekend. I was also trying to find your wedding pics but couldnt figure that out. Love you!!!

paul peggy zeus said...

I agree with myLA, however, I have to cast my vote with Ms Dancer's eye - because of all that you can see in the background and what a wonderful EYE-dea this was - it's so indescr EYE bable!

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