Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo Phriday: Concrete

Mr. Rogue and I are talking about a potential backyard refresh and in these conversations we both feel pretty strongly about not adding concrete to the city of Los Angeles. I don’t remember the exact ratio of concrete actual ground that is in the city limits but I remember that I was appalled at its ratio vs. other cities. We use concrete so much in the land of LALA that I thought I would focus this Photo Phriday on the stuff we walk on, build with, contain and shape for so many purposes. I hope you enjoy.









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paul peggy zeus said...

Hey, I'm back and I totally agree there is waaay too much concrete in our world - especially in the big cities. I do love the photo of the roadways up high in the sky from down below. I would love to see the side by your favorite neighbor by the fence pulled out and plant some better, unique plants - there is soooo much to choose from in LA LA land. Go for it and ENJOY!

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