Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little OCD on My Shoes

Five months ago I found these “Photo Storage Boxes” at Michaels and I bought 6 of them at $4.00 each. Since then I have returned twice to buy a few for the bathroom and for the computer room. They are the absolute perfect size for organizing small piles of things into blissful order and I LOVE them. A few days ago I stopped into the store for a few things and imagine my absolute glee when I saw that the same boxes this week are on clearance for $1.80. I decided because they were such a great price that I would finally buy enough to organize my shoes in my closet, so I bought 40 pure white ones, pure white with a black interior which is perfect to hide scuffs from shoes.


When I asked for the stock guy to help me get them off the shelf he about fell over when I told him that I wanted 40, after a moment where he collected himself he offered to help me get them to the checkout and into my car. I really love being female sometimes, yea we have the cramps and we have to give birth but damn the help that we get with everyday things is worth the trade in my opinion.

This morning I opened all the boxes and spread them out across the kitchen table.


Then I began the laborious process of taking a photo of every single pair of heels I owned, I realize I may have too many. But sometimes I don’t feel like I have enough, it is a curse. I am cursed with a love of shoes.

Seurat is my constant shadow and with the shoes spread across the kitchen floor he was all for helping me organize and photo. He is such an adorable helper, although I don’t think he actually helped that much. He is a bit of a diva like that.


So after taking photos of each pair of shoes I then had to crop them and print them out on the computer. Unfortunately that was not what I call super fun.


After they were all printed I had to fill the boxes with the shoes and then paste the photos on.


Hours later I could finally put them all in my closet, nice and neatly organized into beautiful neat rows. Order from chaos makes me very happy.


Courtney Marie said...

I really like the first picture, there is just something so nice about a clean, white, empty box. Oh the possibilities!

paul peggy zeus said...

I still think you ought to have a closet like Goldie did in the movie "Overboard". Yeah!

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