Monday, July 27, 2009

Life Saver

“My Blog is saving my life.” I know that seems a little bold, or all encompassing, but in the time I have been writing every day, in the time that I have started this new outlet for my creativity I have found a space where I can be true and real to who I am. I have found a place to create accountability to myself. A place that I can try things out or write about things that are bothering me that I just cannot seem to speak out loud, a place that I can continue old hobbies and start new ones, a place that I can use to help push myself further, a place where I can spread out my dreams and hopes and turn them into realities, a place where I can see the friend in me, and a place where I can meet new friends and create a new community of possibilities. I love my blog and I heart you!

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Courtney Marie said...

And I heart you! Your blog is really inspiring and lots of fun to read!

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