Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If Only Everyday Could Be Like Today

There are those days when NOTHING goes right. And then there are days where random things go wrong but the happiness that is in your soul does not even let these little issues derail the day. I woke up happy that my toe was not in pain and happy that since Ms. Pool Shark is visiting from Pittsburgh and I was meeting her today. Of course plans of meeting at one got shifted to one thirty when she was falling a bit behind schedule, and then plans shifted from one thirty to two when I accidentally got drenched by the backyard hose when I tried to fill the dogs water dish which then required a new blow dry and a wardrobe change. Even when I finally got on the road I was stalled again by a doublewide trailer home that fell off the flat bed of the truck that was carrying it on the expressway I happened to be on. Of course during the course of all this chaos we were constantly texting back and forth to keep the other up to date on the eta of our meeting. However texting gives you some leeway and requires interpretation.

On my way” meant that I have not left the house because I just got an involuntary shower with the outdoor hose and after I clean which will be soon I will leave.

Hey I am almost there” meant I just finally left the house.

Traffic is bad” meant that a double wide trailer had caused a massive traffic jam.

I am in the driveway” meant that even though I am still 10 minutes away, come out now, because I would rather you wait than me.

But even with all this drama we were both euphoic at finally being with each other again. We had planned the perfect day that included all of our loves, we were shopping at an outlet store nearby, then off to a nice dinner, and then to search out a place where we could shoot pool.

Ms. Pool Shark and I were two peas in a pod shopping together brought back so many memories and as we circled the huge mall we reminisced about the college years, we dug for bargains, we gave advice and opinions about outfits tried. Translated we had a wonderful time and got just a few things.


After 5 hours of shopping I introduced my out of town friend to the wonderful world of Flemming’s. We sipped wine, we shared tastes of food, we laughed and loved and then split the molten lava cake (aka. heaven on a plate)

Afterwards, after a little sleuthing, we found ourselves in a small sports bar where we indulged in our signature Apple Martini and shot a few games of pool. I was tired at this point, it was after all 10:30 but we could not end a perfect day without shooting just a few games. Of course we kept score but only so we are sure who gets bragging rights.


After an hour we began to get challenged and just like old times we split up, each taking a table we kicked the butt of every guy who challenged us. In between kicking our opponents and making them cry we would shout to each other or take a moment to be silly. I love that Ms. Pool Shark has many qualities that I posses and that we don’t need to be on top of each other in order to have a good time.


What I thought would be an hour or two of pool ended like it usually did with us, closing the bar. Of course we got invited to a little after hours party but by then I was toast and I still had an hour drive ahead of me to get home. It felt grate to slip into a day that Ms. Pool Shark and I would have had 9 years ago, something that I then took for granted but now will cherish as a perfect day.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I really like that new dress you are wearing and am happy Ms Pool shark had the time to come visit with you. It's great to catch up with friends and I must say, she is looking quite lovely these days!

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