Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Walk Like Quazimoto

Seven days ago I spent the majority of the day walking normally, taking for granted my ability to walk the dogs, to run to the grocery store, to even walk across the room. By the end of the day I had injured my toe so badly that even standing was a painful thing. Mr. Rogue has been helping me with the Epsom Salt soaks and wrapping it and Ms. Eden even came over for the day and did some doctoring of her own. Ah there is something about a friend examining and helping you clean a mangled injury that just screams love. Thank you Ms. Eden.

So despite my best efforts the injury just did not seem to be getting any better. Although I did not have a fever, which I read online was a sign of infection, I was still having extreme pain and I could not put ANY pressure on my foot. Even a sheet or my pant brushing against my nail gave me so much pain.

Yesterday I decided that despite my handicap I was going to keep my appointment with the Passport center to get my immunizations for my Philippine trip in September. Since this was the first time I had been out of my house in a week I was astonished at not only how exhausting it was just to get to the car but also my irritation at all the people walking, jogging, and standing that I passed by. Because a nurse was administering my shots I slid in the comment about my toe, how I was worried about it, and if she could give me any advice. She told me that since it had been a week the pain should not be as intense as it was and she recommended that I cut the nail down as far as I could get it.

Not happy with the prospect of doing what I know had to be done I went home opened the bottle of vodka, to help with the pain, and began a 2 hour process of soaking my foot and then cutting off a bit of nail. Without getting too graphic (I did consider posting photos but decided that it would ruin my pretty blog and maybe even give you nightmares) near the cuticle I found a mass of infection. I then used hydrogen peroxide and the pain almost immediately went away. The throbbing, the not being able to touch it, the not being able to walk that I thought was due to the injury was actually just an infection of the injury. Now that that is cleaned up I am golden. I felt like I could do cartwheels I am now optimistic about my shopping trip planned today.

My poor toe looks disgusting without its nail but at least it no longer hurts and I am so ready to get out of this house.

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paul peggy zeus said...

What! you have a hunchback? (just kidding)! Make SURE you take it easy - I want that toe completely healed before you go off to the Phillipines and I know you have that big cruise coming up beginning of August. PLEASE promise me you'll take care of yourself and your big toe too! Mr. Rogue, I could use your assistance right about NOW! HELP!!!!@!

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