Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am Itchy

I got an infestation of the most terrible bugs. It is annoying because they are virtual bugs and I did not even invite them into my life, they just come in uninvited and get me in trouble with Mr. Rogue. Today I got onto my computer to find that it was running slowly. I tilted my head to the side and started digging into what the problem could be and that was when I noticed that my computer was sick, very very sick, with the worst kind of computer sickness other than death. My computer has a Trojan. And let me tell you that it is not the lubricated kind either.

It all started innocently enough, it always does don’t you know. All I wanted was a specific song and unfortunately for me I could not find a single place online to purchase it. I did manage to find it on YouTube (Connections: Mann Chandre by A R Rahman – who by the way is a genius and Bollywood’s version of John William here in Hollywood) but I could not get my hands on a legit MP3. Instead of attempting to dig through Best Buy bins the rest of my life, or follow iTunes hoping that they would one day have it for me to buy, or GASP giving up, I downloaded a “Free” version off a site. I downloaded it even though I could not verify the source. I know it was bad, I know that I should not have done it. But seriously this song kicked butt and I just WANTED it. Anyways there is a chance that the things you get for free on the internet are bugged with things that make your computer world break out in a case of terrible teenage acne and it just so happens that this particular ‘I cannot live without it song” I downloaded had a Trojan attached.

So when I sat down to my computer this morning I knew what I had done wrong, I also knew that I was not the best person to fix the problem as desperate as I was to keep Mr. Rogue in the dark I knew I had to accept defeat. So first I had to admit to myself that it was my fault and then I had to go to my husband with my head hung low and like a five year old confess to what I had done wrong, why I had done it, and that if he would PRETTY PLEASE just make the problem go away that I would NEVER EVER do it again. Pinky Swear this time seriously.

Mr. Rogue spent this morning going through my entire computer and removing all traces of nastiness from my computer and now it is bright and shiny and clean again. He also installed some new audio capturing software onto my computer so I can record songs from any website without having to download them. I was not even aware of that software; if I had been then maybe it would have made a difference in my morning.

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paul peggy zeus said...

First of all, I never met a five year old who could ADMIT they did anything wrong or who didn't KNOW everything already! I'm glad you were able to confess to Mr Rogue about the problem. This is why I don't even like to open a joke file with an attachment - that is how our last PC CRASHED!!!! and I had to pay Big bucks to get her fixed only to have it DIE on me five months later!!! Boooo to those nasty bugs, anyway!

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