Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hangover and Horseback Riding

Because of the evil Peartini’s last night I woke up with one of the most terrible hangovers this morning. So terrible that I considered never leaving bed again, although even laying there and breathing hurt. I cursed the delicious Peartini’s, I cursed alcohol in general and then I downed some chicken noodle soup and two Tylenol and went back to bed. Between 7:10 am and 3:45 pm I woke up, ate, drank water and went back to sleep 4 times. I needed to get it together because tonight we had plans with Mr. & Mrs. Cutie Pie to go on a horseback riding trip at the Sunset Ranch. Thankfully I managed by 4:00 pm to pull it together at least enough to shower and get my butt out the door. By the time we got to the ranch an hour later I was feeling marginally normal.

In the car ride I learned that Mr. Rogue and the Cutie Pies had not been on a horse since they were 7. YES SEVEN. So I got really worried. I am love horseback riding, a passion I share with my mother and over the 30 years I have been on this planet I have spent a lot of time in the saddle. But your first time you cannot walk and it is a little bit scary being at the whim of a huge horse. All in all I think our little group did rather well, although Mrs. Cutie Pie had quite the ostentatious horse and got a tiny bit frazzled we all managed to stay ON our horses and there were no major catastrophes.

I was less than pleased with their new mandatory helmet law, in the past they had a waver where you could opt out of the helmet. It totally did not go with my outfit.


I got a great intermediate horse named Shiloh. She was sweet and very easy on the reigns. If I could own a horse it would be one like Shiloh. Midway through the ride I took this photo of her and got a little sad that she was so tied up.


I imagined her running free with a herd of horses, unencumbered by ropes and buckles, and then I remembered that we all have our JOBS in life, we all have obligations and stresses that tie us down and then I found out that all the horses retire on a huge ranch in Denver and I felt better that after her time of work is over she has wide open fields to spend the rest of her days in.

The trail takes you through Griffith Park with great views of the surrounding city sheltered in the canyons of the hills. I loved being so high up, I loved how quiet it was, and the vistas were breathtaking. I just had my point and shoot Canon camera since my large camera is to nice to take horseback riding but this shot of a eucalyptus tree with the city behind was one of my favourite nature shots of the night.


The ride takes an hour and a half and then you stop for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant where they have pretty decent food and wonderful margaritas. As you can see I am the only one without a drink, I just was not prepared to deal with more alcohol in my system. Mrs. Cutie Pie tried to get us to leave her at the restaurant. She begged for us to leave her and come and pick her up in the car later but after one margarita she bucked up and got back on her ornery horse for the long track back to the ranch.


On the way back the guide showed us a favourite place that lynx like to wait. I think I was the only one sad that he was not in his usual place. And even though I was disappointed we did not see the lynx I was mollified when I did spot a small coyote not more than ten minutes later.

At the end of the trip none of us were walking very well, Mrs. Cutie Pie vowed to never get onto a horse again and Mr. Rogue is going to consider joining me horseback riding again. I even asked about going to photo some of the horses for one of my Photo Phridays. We will see if I get permission.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Remember when you and I did this trip and the one woman had waaayy too much to drink at the Cantina? She ended up trotting off ahead of the group claiming she "was an experienced rider and was considering purchasing this horse". Up the road a bit, we saw the woman staggering off in the field with no horse in sight. My baby girl was asked to lead the rest of us horseback riders safely back to camp.

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