Monday, July 27, 2009

Goldie Locks

I can’t explain why that title popped into my head when I first looked at this photo, but it did and as you well know I like to write things exactly as the pop into my head. It keeps this blog real, and you all know how I like to keep it real. Sometimes that gets me into a lot of trouble and other times I just look plain crazy, still other times it leaves you, my unfortunate reader staring off into space wondering how in the hell you ever happened to be on my website. Believe me dear reader I understand.


Anyways I think here my brain came up with Goldie Locks because of the beautiful “Oh my God I am dressing my kid in this color so when she plays in traffic cars won’t hit her” gold frock. I love that I can say frock here and to be able to say gold frock, well that is damn well fantastic. So that may have explained the gold thing running through my mind, and also the locks part, I mean look at all that hair on my little younger me. That is not just enough hair for one person but I had enough hair for eight children. I cannot help but think that because I got an overabundance of hair that eight other little children were running around quite bald, sad in the fact that that one little girl managed to hit the hair lottery in life. I do sadly remember a bad side to those luscious locks. I remember crying often when it was washed and brushed and brushed and brushed because it would never stay untangled for long.

I can also say that I am probably sitting in this position, prim and proper with my hands folded because if I moved a single muscle those lovely curls that my mother must have spent hours putting into my long long hair would immediately tangle into a million knots. In fact I vaguely remember I was sitting still because my mother bribed me to not move an inch for candy. Ummmm candy, I would do anything for a single little piece.

Anyways I do look sweet an innocent here, so maybe my brain came up with Goldie Locks because she too was just a good girl trying to make her way in life. I mean the poor girl had a bad day, she gets lost in the woods and just wanted something to eat and a place to lay her weary head. I sympathize with her.

Anyways back to that dress, it is “AHEM” a unique shade of gold. So unique in fact that I do want to commend my mother because how in the world did she get a pair of earrings that would match so perfectly. Hopefully one day I will have a little daughter to love and color coordinate as much as my mother obviously loved and coordinated me.


Courtney Marie said...

You look freaking adorable in this picture! I wish we had been friends when we were little, I bet you were tons of fun :)

paul peggy zeus said...

It's yellow - not gold. There, I know now how much you just did NOT LIKE YELLOW!!! I agree with Courtney, myself.

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