Monday, July 6, 2009

Goals Are Important

A few days ago I was organizing a stack of papers that I found in a box. Most of the things were garbage but still I went through in case there were things in there I really needed. In that dusty pile I found my bucket list that I created when I moved to California. I actually have a few of them floating around my memory box and I pulled out the ones I could find. It was interesting to go back and see what I had accomplished so far and what there was left to do. I was so excited to find it and I think bucket lists are a great idea to give you goals to accomplish. A side note about me - I work best with a bar of chocolate dangling in front of me like the proverbial carrot, it keeps me moving forward instead of staying still. I am deathly afraid of becoming comfortable and not keep reaching for something more. So I have posted my new bucket list, what I call my Rogue Life List, sans some things that I had already accomplished a while ago and some new things in addition. I will be working on crossing these off and posting them on this blog. Wish me luck.

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myLA said...

You inspire me everyday. Plain and simple.

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