Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeling Better

So it has been one month since I followed my OBGYN’s recommendation to supplement herbal and lifestyle chances into my daily routine. A natural way that she was hoping would perhaps help me with my depression. Since June first I have been following her directions to the letter and I feel like a new person. I don’t know if it is from her advice, if it is because my body has finally had a moment to relax and heal, or if I am finally figuring things out. It is probably a combination of many things but whatever it is I am thankful, a down on my knees thanking the LORD that I finally am starting to feel normal again thankful.

Now I am not saying that there is still not the occasional bad day, because there are defiantly bad days. But I am not having mind numbingly, I cannot get out of bed, prostrate on the bathroom floor sobbing kind of days. I can handle a bad day, in fact a bad day is a million times better than what I have been dealing with in the past. I realize it has only been a month and that may not seem very long but for my soul and my peace of mind I feel like it is a year of peace. I am crossing my fingers that this keeps up and if it doesn’t then I will finally take that last step and go to psychiatrist. For now I am going to keep doing what I am doing.

In case you were wondering about my OBGYN’s advice. She asked me a bunch of very basic questions and then stated very simply that it is her belief that depression not only taxes your mind it taxes your body. And in order to help the mind you need to give your body what it needs to be perfectly balanced. One of the biggest things she said to me was that depression often causes sleep deprivation (which I was defiantly suffering from) so she suggested I take Melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate sleep. For the past two year I have not been sleeping well, weather I wake up from nightmares or I am constantly up checking the people I love I either end up sleeping a few days with only 3-4 hours of sleep OR I was crashing from exhaustion and I would sleep for 10-12 hours. Either way I have not been on a regular sleep cycle. This breakdown of a good sleep cycle has left me sleep deprived over an extended amount of time. Since I started taking Melatonin (I found that I had to cut the 3mg pill in half because with the full dose I would sleep for 12 hours and still be groggy) I now sleep 7-8 hours mostly without waking once. Now that I am on a regular schedule with my sleep I feel like I can tackle the world when I wake up rather then just pull the covers over my head at the thought of a new day.

Another thing that she said I should do is to force myself to exercise every single day at least twice a day for twenty minutes each time. She mentioned, and I have done research, that exercising increases the levels of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain. It also releases feel good endorphins and it has been touted that it relieves stress. I have been exercising every single day and in the beginning it was hard. Truly though I feel markedly different pre and post workout so I really believe in the power of changing the way you think by a little exercise.

I am also taking upon her recommendation a Calcium supplement because it seems I am becoming more and more lactose intolerant as I get older and because it is thought that a high level of calcium is associated with relieving depression and anxiety. B6 supplement is also something that I am taking because of its help in manufacturing transmitters of serotonin and dopamine. And then the last two vitamins that I am taking are a generic multivitamin and of course the pre-natal pills. The multivitamin to just keep the levels of all the other nutrients my body needs fully stocked and the pre-natal pills in preparation for getting pregnant AND because low folate has been found in most depressed patients.

All of these things combined could be what is finally tipping me in the right direction of being a happy healthy me again. Whatever it is something is working and I hope it keeps on working.


myLA said...

I am so excited for you my love.

paul peggy zeus said...

Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Perhaps someone else an gain from your experience. I am so glad that something is finally working. It is such blessing that you are doing so well. We all have our bad days, of course, but like you said, that is not something you can't handle. I LOVE YOU! I'm also happy to say I no longer need my high blood pressure meds that I had to have for the first two years.

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