Saturday, July 25, 2009

Evil Peartini Robbed my Common Sense

Yesterday Ms. Eden came over in the late afternoon to hang out. We were planning on meeting with the girls later that night and decided to get together earlier and carpool later that evening. I love how honest Ms. Eden and my conversations are and we filled the house with outrageous laughter. Time came near where we needed to get ready to go. It is so much fun to get ready with another girl, you can ask advice, you can borrow key items you are running out of, and just the joy of having another girl in the house makes the chore of getting prepared to leave a happy time. I missed this bonding time growing up without a sister and once I got to college I soaked in all the girl time with my various roommates. Now, as the only female in the house, I come home with my latest shopping loot or I just can’t decide which black heel to wear with that dress and sadly I only have Mr. Rogue to turn too.

As we were changing, Ms. Eden tried on her choice of dress for her date the next evening. It was a first date and she was super excited to go. She came around the corner with the dress on and I could not contain my reaction. She looked great, no better than great she looked super hot, BUT she looked super hot in a sex on legs kind of way. We talked about first impressions, we talked about the message she wanted to convey and the goals she had. Her goals, marriage and kids, did not really mesh well with the sexy tiny black dress in my opinion. Whether or not she followed my advice I won’t find out until tomorrow but i love when friends can give each other constructive criticism and that it can help us to grow. For instance this blog is hard for me sometimes because I do love to write but my grammar and spelling are something that I was never comfortable with. It is not a strong skill of mine and I know I make a lot of mistakes. She has offered to send me messages on my more common flaws so I can make myself better.

We met the girls at the delicious W Hotel in Westwood. A venue that was classy, where we were not in fear of getting beer sloshed on us by our drunken neighbours, where we were guaranteed comfy seating and more importantly so we could talk without screaming over deafening music.


I ordered the Peartini and soon the other girls trickled in. The Peartini kind of became the drink of the night and MAN WERE THEY STRONG. Originally I had only planned on having two. I did after all have plans the next evening that I wanted to be game for, that plan however went out the window. After two drinks my judgement just is not as clear and with Ms. Eden able to drive home I threw the “Plan” out the window and had another two martinis. Very happy and very drunk we all had a great time and stayed for four hours talking about everything from pets to making love. It was wonderful to get together, some of us had not seen each other for a few weeks and we needed the face time to catch up on all our crazy lives. There were a lot of antics like Ms. Eden getting a second opinion to the group about her date dress and the bouncer even throwing in his two cents. Or when Ms. M mimed me that she was not a sweet girl but a hard core kind of girl, even inebriated I managed to document that one it was just too funny. Seriously if I learned only ONE thing last night it is that you just don’t mess with Ms. M.



Ah to be with such a great diverse group of women was so much fun and so enlightening. We had a great time and plan a dancing outing next.

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Sounds like a great time with a great group of friends

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