Sunday, July 12, 2009

Creatures of Habit Resist Change

Last week my beloved PC got nasty little rash. Mr. Rogue however gave it some antibiotics and a little scrub and the Trojan it had was eradicated. That is until Friday came around and I got two more Trojans. The porn Trojan was my favourite, there is nothing like me working on my photos only to have nude women pop up all over my screen at random intervals to make my creative juices really flow.

Mr. Rogue spent almost the entire weekend trying to get these new Trojans removed and the small cough that it started out to be on Friday has now turned into the equivalent of the whooping cough in geek speak. The outcome of its survival does not look good. Now the thing here is that while my beloved PC is getting doctored up I have a perfectly good Mac sitting on my desk just acing to be used. The only problem is that the Mac is defiantly not compatible with my operating system. I am a PC user, I always have been. And now due to the whooping cough of the PC and its prescribed bed rest I am forcing myself to attempt to use the Mac.

It is foreign sitting alone on my desk and it just does not feel right.


Today, Mr. Rogue went out with the boys so I stayed home and attempted to play nice with my Mac. I almost threw it through the window multiple times. I even had to shut down the Mac and take a break which consisted of watching a girl light-hearted movie “27 Dresses”, drinking a large bottle of wine, and dismantling the keyboard because I really needed the therapy of dismantling part of my frustration. There was something about ripping every key off the keyboard that made me feel a lot better. And for those of you Mac lovers I did not just rip the keyboard apart for the sheer joy that was only 94.5% of the purpose. I also ripped it apart to clean out the tray and scrub each individual grubby little key. Seems like the previous owner liked to snack on cheese puffs and Doritos and also never washed their hands because there were hundreds of crumbs jammed between the eerily white keys and everything was looking a little grimy.


After the keyboards dismemberment and many frustrated hours later I started to again become more familiar with the shortcuts and random ins and outs. Like an old acquaintance we are slowing learning about each other again. That does not mean that I am happy about the fact that it is now on my desk but I am resigned to at least give it a week before I chuck it out the window, beat it with a bat, and buy a new PC.

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