Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Today I had lunch with Ms. Wise. I love hanging out with her although I don’t get to see her often. Generally every time we get together it involves a really great meal and a trip to the closest Anthropologie, my all time favourite clothing store. Of course I ended up with a million things in the changing room but for some reason I was extraordinarily picky today with what I liked. I ended up purchasing only a one dress which I LOVE and two short sleeve cardigans. And the dress, ahhhh the dress it is so beautiful.



paul peggy zeus said...

I LOVE this dress too! I just wish you'd photo it with YOU in it - I think it would look much better!

Courtney Marie said...

I think you might have a calling as a stylist, this dress is really cute!

Ivy said...

Wowza! Ok, I forgive you. If you let me borrow it! Beautiful!

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