Thursday, July 16, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Yesterday, Ms. Pool Shark and I went shopping and OH HOW GOOD it felt. I realized not only have I not been shopping in a while but that the pain I have been in for the past week has upped the ‘make myself feel better with shopping’. That and the fact that we walked into a Outlet mall made this shopping trip larger than I originally intended. I found myself interestingly drawn to the more bohemian style on this trip which is weird for me because I am generally more preppy. California is rubbing off on me. Here are the shoes, jewellery and purses I got. Ahhhhhh divine design.


I saw this Nautical style bag by Aldo and I knew I had to have it because it is such an obvious staple. Preppy and perfect for everyday I think this is a great bag for the cruise.


Again with the bohemian vibe and these even had a Native American flair. Even though they are a bit heavy I decided that they had to come home with me.


I found a store that had a ridiculously low clearance on Baby Phat shoes. I own one pair of Baby Phats and it is one of my all time favourite pair of crazy high heels. I had to restrain myself but I did manage to walk out with three pair. Oh so divine.


I purchased two pair of flats for my trips this fall. The black are gladiator type sandals that I cannot get enough of this season and the Aldo sandals I loved because they can be dressed up for dinner or down for a day strolling in the city.


I snagged this bag at Marshals of all places, but I did need a new white summer satchel and I did love the fun tassel. What a steal this was. 


I got this at some random jewellery boutique and I cannot say ENOUGH about how awesome this necklace is. I loved loved loved it and that was before I found out it was only eight dollars. What a steal.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Great buys, great style and I love the peacock necklace - too bad you didn't have it in Pittsburg for that Haloween party where you dressed up like a peacock! No holds barred when you shop, girl!

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