Saturday, July 4, 2009

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic: New Kitchen Table

I have been looking for a new kitchen table that is a simple mission style and that preferable has low backed chairs like our previous borrowed table that was sadly taken back by its owner. Even though I have been looking and I found a table that may work I still dident feel that I found the one that I was crazy over. Thankfully Mr. Rogue and I went out last week and discovered two tables that we loved at an Ethan Allen store in Torrance. Since we were split between two different sets we left to think about it for a few days. After debating pros and cons about each we finally agreed and I returned to the store Wednesday to purchase our favourite table and select the fabric for the seats. Because I went to art school mood boards were important to me for ANY type of design project. I am frankly obsessed with them and they really help me focus on a wholistic approach to making things come together. You can see some of my posted mood board obsessions; here, here and here.

So of course following this style I brought samples of my curtain materials, paint wall colors, tile, countertop, wood and cushions off our furniture in the family room just to be sure that the fabric I picked would go well with everything. I was ecstatic that the designer and I were able to find something that would hold up well for everyday use, was not a velvet, velour or silky material so that it would hold up under the high misuse of cats or children. Of course just to be sure I paid extra to have them stain guarded. At least the good thing about this style of chair is that they are super easy to re-upholster.


One thing that I adore about Ethan Allen is that all the furniture is made when you order it and you can make modifications or choose your own fabrics from their extensive collection. I was in interior design heaven. I think interior design is yet another thing that I would love to try.

This is the table that we picked.


To keep the table nice for ever and ever (who am I kidding) attempting to keep it nice for at least a year (more reasonable) Mr. Rogue and I also decided to purchase the padded custom cut table cover. Extra protection never hurt anyone, especially in this house.


Now I just need to work on that whole patience thing because I the table is not scheduled to arrive until mid August. I really hate patience. It makes my eye twitch in the weird ‘Can’t we make this reality crap go away and replace it with a crown and a bunch of pink ponies’ kind of way.


lilmansworld said...

oh how much fun to decorate your own place! must be nice!

paul peggy zeus said...

The table and chairs look MAAAVELOUS DAAAHLING!!! I think it will hold up well and you will have many years of enjoyment! I actually like it better than the first one you were looking at w/ Ms Dancer. I bet the interior decorator wanted to sign you up for a new job bringing in all your fabrics and decor samples of what you already have....way to Rock!

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