Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nerdy Birdy List

I now have 293 Birds cross off my nerdy birdy list, HURAH!

1.Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 2.Fulvous Whistling-Duck 3.Greater White-fronted Goose 4. Emperor Goose 5.Snow Goose 6.Ross's Goose 7.Canada Goose 8.Brant 9.Trumpeter Swan 10.Tundra Swan 11.Whooper Swan 12.*Wood Duck *13.Gadwall 14.Falcated Duck 15.Eurasian Wigeon 16.*American Wigeon 17.American Black Duck 18.*Mallard 19.Blue-winged Teal 20.*Cinnamon Teal 21.Northern Shoveler 22.*Northern Pintail 23.Garganey 24.Baikal Teal 25.*Green-winged Teal 26.*Canvasback 27.Redhead 28.Common Pochard 29.Ring-necked Duck 30.Tufted Duck 31.Greater Scaup 32.Steller's Eider 33.King Eider 34.Common Eider 35.Harlequin Duck 36.Surf Scoter 37.White-winged Scoter 38.Black Scoter 39.Long-tailed Duck 40.*Bufflehead 41.Common Goldeneye 42.Barrow's Goldeneye 43.Hooded Merganser 44.Common Merganser 45.Red-breasted Merganser 46.Smew 47.*Ruddy Duck 48.Chukar 49.Ring-necked Pheasant 50.Ruffed Grouse 51.Greater Sage-Grouse 52.White-tailed Ptarmigan 53.Sooty Grouse 54.Sharp-tailed Grouse 55.*Wild Turkey 56.Mountain Quail 57.California Quail 58.*Gambel's Quail 59.Red-throated Loon 60.Pacific Loon 61.Common Loon 62.Yellow-billed Loon 63.Least Grebe 64.*Pied-billed Grebe 65.Horned Grebe 66.Red-necked Grebe 67.Eared Grebe 68.Western Grebe 69.Clark's Grebe 70.Light-mantled Albatross 71.Shy Albatross 72.Wandering Albatross 73.Laysan Albatross 74.Black-footed Albatross 75.Short-tailed Albatross 76.White-tailed Tropicbird 77.Red-billed Tropicbird 78.Red-tailed Tropicbird 79.Masked Booby 80.Blue-footed Booby 81.Brown Booby 82.Red-footed Booby 83.American White Pelican 84.*Brown Pelican 85.Brandt's Cormorant 86.Neotropic Cormorant 87.*Double-crested Cormorant 88.Pelagic Cormorant 89.Anhinga 90.*Magnificent Frigatebird 91.Great Frigatebird 92.*American Bittern 93.Least Bittern 94.*Great Blue Heron 95.Great Egret 96.Snowy Egret 97.Little Blue Heron 98.Tricolored Heron 99.Reddish Egret 100.Cattle Egret 101.*Green Heron 102.*Black-crowned Night-Heron 103.*Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 104.American White Ibis 105.Glossy Ibis 106.*White-faced Ibis 107.Roseate Spoonbill 108.Wood Stork 109.Sandhill Crane 110.Black Vulture 111.*Turkey Vulture 112.California Condor 113.*Osprey 114.White-tailed Kite 115.Mississippi Kite 116.Bald Eagle 117.Northern Harrier 118.Sharp-shinned Hawk 119.*Cooper's Hawk 120.Northern Goshawk 121.Common Black-Hawk 122.Harris's Hawk 123.Red-shouldered Hawk 124.Broad-winged Hawk 125.Swainson's Hawk 126.Zone-tailed Hawk 127.*Red-tailed Hawk 128.Ferruginous Hawk 129.Rough-legged Hawk 130.Golden Eagle 131.Crested Caracara 132.*American Kestrel 133.Merlin 134.Gyrfalcon 135.*Peregrine Falcon 136.Prairie Falcon 137.Yellow Rail 138.Black Rail 139.Clapper Rail 140.Virginia Rail 141.Sora 142.Purple Gallinule 143.*Common Gallinule 144.*American Coot 145.Black-bellied Plover 146.American Golden-Plover 147.Pacific Golden-Plover 148.Lesser Sand-Plover 149.Greater Sand-Plover 150.Snowy Plover 151.Wilson's Plover 152.Semipalmated Plover 153.Piping Plover *154.Killdeer 155.Mountain Plover 156.Eurasian Dotterel 157.American Oystercatcher 158.American Black Oystercatcher 159.*Black-necked Stilt 160.*American Avocet 161.Common Greenshank 162.*Greater Yellowlegs 163.Lesser Yellowlegs 164.Spotted Redshank 165.Solitary Sandpiper 166.*Willet 167.Wandering Tattler 168.Gray-tailed Tattler 169.Spotted Sandpiper 170.Terek Sandpiper 171.Upland Sandpiper 172.Little Curlew 173.Whimbrel 174.Bristle-thighed Curlew *175.Long-billed Curlew 176.Hudsonian Godwit 177.Bar-tailed Godwit 178.*Marbled Godwit 179.*Ruddy Turnstone 180.Black Turnstone 181.Surfbird 182.Red Knot 183.Sanderling 184.*Semipalmated Sandpiper 185.Western Sandpiper 186.Red-necked Stint 187.Little Stint 188.Long-toed Stint 189.Least Sandpiper 190.White-rumped Sandpiper 191.Baird's Sandpiper 192.Pectoral Sandpiper 193.Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 194.Rock Sandpiper 195.*Dunlin 196.Curlew Sandpiper 197.Stilt Sandpiper 198.Buff-breasted Sandpiper 199.Ruff 200.Short-billed Dowitcher 201.*Long-billed Dowitcher 202.Jack Snipe 203.*Wilson's Snipe 204.American Woodcock 205.Wilson's Phalarope 206.Red-necked Phalarope 207.Red Phalarope 208.South Polar Skua 209.Pomarine Jaeger 210.Parasitic Jaeger 211.Long-tailed Jaeger 212.*Laughing Gull 213.Franklin's Gull 214.Little Gull 215.Black-headed Gull 216.*Bonaparte's Gull 217.*Heermann's Gull 218.Belcher's Gull 219.Black-tailed Gull 220.Mew Gull 221.Ring-billed Gull *222.California Gull 223.Herring Gull 224.Thayer's Gull 225.Iceland Gull 226.Lesser Black-backed Gull 227.Slaty-backed Gull 228.Yellow-footed Gull 229.*Western Gull 230.Glaucous-winged Gull 231.Sabine's Gull 232.Swallow-tailed Gull 233.Black-legged Kittiwake 234.Red-legged Kittiwake 235.Ross's Gull 236.Ivory Gull 237.Gull-billed Tern 238.*Caspian Tern 239.Royal Tern 240.Elegant Tern 241.*Sandwich Tern 242.Common Tern 243.Forster's Tern 244.Least Tern 245.Bridled Tern 246.Sooty Tern 247.White-winged Tern 248.Black Tern 249.Black Skimmer 250.Common Murre 251.Thick-billed Murre 252.Pigeon Guillemot 253.Long-billed Murrelet 254.Marbled Murrelet 255.Kittlitz's Murrelet 256.Xantus's Murrelet 257.Craveri's Murrelet 258.Ancient Murrelet 259.Cassin's Auklet 260.Parakeet Auklet 261.Least Auklet 262.Crested Auklet 263.Rhinoceros Auklet 264.Horned Puffin 265.Tufted Puffin 266.*Rock Pigeon 267.Band-tailed Pigeon 268.Oriental Turtle-Dove 269.Eurasian Collared-Dove 270.Spotted Dove 271.White-winged Dove 272.*Mourning Dove 273.Inca Dove 274.Common Ground-Dove 275.Ruddy Ground-Dove 276.Red-crowned Parrot 277.Yellow-billed Cuckoo 278.Black-billed Cuckoo 279.*Greater Roadrunner 280.Groove-billed Ani 281.Barn Owl 282.Flammulated Owl 283.Western Screech-Owl 284.Great Horned Owl 285.Snowy Owl 286.Northern Pygmy Owl 287.Elf Owl 288.*Burrowing Owl 289.Spotted Owl 290.Barred Owl 291.Great Gray Owl 292.Long-eared Owl 293.Short-eared Owl 294.Northern Saw-whet Owl 295.Lesser Nighthawk 296.Common Nighthawk 297.Common Poorwill 298.Chuck-will's-widow 299.Whip-poor-will 300.Black Swift 301.White-throated Swift 302.Chimney Swift 303.Vaux's Swift 304.White-throated Needletail 305.Green Violet-ear 306.Broad-billed Hummingbird 307.Xantus's Hummingbird 308.Violet-crowned Hummingbird 309.Blue-throated Hummingbird 310.Magnificent Hummingbird 311.Ruby-throated Hummingbird 312.Black-chinned Hummingbird 313.*Anna's Hummingbird 314.Costa's Hummingbird 315.Calliope Hummingbird 316.Broad-tailed Hummingbird 317.Rufous Hummingbird 318.*Allen's Hummingbird 319.Belted Kingfisher 320.Lewis's Woodpecker 321.Red-headed Woodpecker 322.Acorn Woodpecker 323.Gila Woodpecker 324.Williamson's Sapsucker 325.*Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 326.Red-naped Sapsucker 327.Red-breasted Sapsucker 328.Ladder-backed Woodpecker 329.*Nuttall's Woodpecker 330.*Downy Woodpecker 331.Hairy Woodpecker 332.White-headed Woodpecker 333.Black-backed Woodpecker 334.*Northern Flicker 335.Gilded Flicker 336.Pileated Woodpecker 337.Olive-sided Flycatcher 338.Greater Pewee 339.Western Wood-Pewee 340.Eastern Wood-Pewee 341.Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 342.Alder Flycatcher 343.Willow Flycatcher 344.Least Flycatcher 345.Hammond's Flycatcher 346.Gray Flycatcher 347.Dusky Flycatcher 348.Pacific-slope Flycatcher 349.Cordilleran Flycatcher 350.*Black Phoebe 351.*Eastern Phoebe 352.*Say's Phoebe 353.*Vermilion Flycatcher 354.Dusky-capped Flycatcher 355.Ash-throated Flycatcher 356.Nutting's Flycatcher 357.Great Crested Flycatcher 358.Brown-crested Flycatcher 359.Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher 360.Tropical Kingbird 361.Couch's Kingbird 362.Cassin's Kingbird 363.Thick-billed Kingbird 364.*Western Kingbird 365.Eastern Kingbird 366.Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 367.Fork-tailed Flycatcher 368.Brown Shrike 369.Loggerhead Shrike 370.Northern Shrike 371.White-eyed Vireo 372.Bell's Vireo 373.Gray Vireo 374.Yellow-throated Vireo 375.*Plumbeous Vireo 376.Cassin's Vireo 377.Blue-headed Vireo 378.Hutton's Vireo 379.Philadelphia Vireo 380.Warbling Vireo 381.Red-eyed Vireo 382.Yellow-green Vireo 383.Gray Jay *384.Steller's Jay 385.*Blue Jay 386.*Island Scrub Jay 387.Western Scrub Jay 388.Pinyon Jay 389.Clark's Nutcracker 390.Black-billed Magpie 391.Yellow-billed Magpie 392.American Crow 393.*Common Raven 394.Sky Lark 395.Horned Lark 396.Purple Martin 397.*Tree Swallow 398.Violet-green Swallow 399.*Northern Rough-winged Swallow 400.Bank Swallow 401.Cliff Swallow 402.Cave Swallow 403.Barn Swallow 404.Black-capped Chickadee 405.*Mountain Chickadee 406.Chestnut-backed Chickadee 407.*Oak Titmouse 408.Juniper Titmouse 409.*Verdin *410.Bushtit 411.Red-breasted Nuthatch 412.*White-breasted Nuthatch 413.*Pygmy Nuthatch 414.Brown Creeper 415.*Cactus Wren 416.*Rock Wren 417.*Canyon Wren 418.Bewick's Wren 419.House Wren 420.Winter Wren 421.Sedge Wren 422.Marsh Wren 423.American Dipper 424.Golden-crowned Kinglet 425.Ruby-crowned Kinglet 426.Lanceolated Warbler 427.Dusky Warbler 428.Arctic Warbler 429.*Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 430.California Gnatcatcher 431.Black-tailed Gnatcatcher 432.Taiga Flycatcher 433.Red-flanked Bluetail 434.Northern Wheatear 435.Stonechat 436.*Western Bluebird 437.Mountain Bluebird 438.Townsend's Solitaire 439.Veery 440.Gray-cheeked Thrush 441.Swainson's Thrush 442.*Hermit Thrush 443.Wood Thrush 444.Eyebrowed Thrush 445.Rufous-backed Robin 446.American Robin 447.Varied Thrush 448.*Wrentit 449.Gray Catbird 450.*Northern Mockingbird 451.Sage Thrasher 452.Brown Thrasher 453.Bendire's Thrasher 454.Curve-billed Thrasher 455.*California Thrasher 456.Crissal Thrasher 457.Le Conte's Thrasher 458.European Starling 459.Eastern Yellow Wagtail 460.Grey Wagtail 461.White Wagtail 462.Olive-backed Pipit 463.Red-throated Pipit 464.*American Pipit 465.Sprague's Pipit 466.Bohemian Waxwing 467.*Cedar Waxwing 468.Phainopepla 469.Blue-winged Warbler 470.Golden-winged Warbler 471.Tennessee Warbler 472.Orange-crowned Warbler 473.Nashville Warbler 474.Virginia's Warbler 475.Lucy's Warbler 476.Northern Parula 477.Yellow Warbler 478.Chestnut-sided Warbler 479.Magnolia Warbler 480.Cape May Warbler 481.Black-throated Blue Warbler 482.Golden-cheeked Warbler 483.*Black-throated Green Warbler 484.Townsend's Warbler 485.Hermit Warbler 486.Blackburnian Warbler 487.Yellow-throated Warbler 488.Grace's Warbler 489.Pine Warbler 490.Prairie Warbler 491.Palm Warbler 492.Bay-breasted Warbler 493.Blackpoll Warbler 494.Cerulean Warbler 495.Black-and-white Warbler 496.American Redstart 497.Prothonotary Warbler 498.Worm-eating Warbler 499.Ovenbird 500.Northern Waterthrush 501.Louisiana Waterthrush 502.Kentucky Warbler 503.Connecticut Warbler 504.Mourning Warbler 505.MacGillivray's Warbler 506.*Common Yellowthroat 507.Hooded Warbler *508.Wilson’s Warbler 509.Canada Warbler 510.Red-faced Warbler 511.Painted Redstart 512.Yellow-breasted Chat 513.Hepatic Tanager 514.Summer Tanager 515.Scarlet Tanager 516.Western Tanager 517.Green-tailed Towhee 518.Spotted Towhee 519.California Towhee 520.Abert's Towhee 521.Cassin's Sparrow 522.Rufous-crowned Sparrow 523.American Tree Sparrow 524.*Chipping Sparrow 525.Clay-colored Sparrow 526.Brewer's Sparrow 527.Field Sparrow 528.*House Sparrow 529.Black-chinned Sparrow 530.Vesper Sparrow 531.*Lark Sparrow 532.Black-throated Sparrow 533.Sage Sparrow 534.Lark Bunting 535.Savannah Sparrow 536.Grasshopper Sparrow 537.Baird's Sparrow 538.Le Conte's Sparrow 539.Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow 540.Fox Sparrow 541.Song Sparrow 542.Lincoln's Sparrow 543.Swamp Sparrow 544.White-throated Sparrow 545.Harris's Sparrow 546.*White-crowned Sparrow 547.Golden-crowned Sparrow 548.*Dark-eyed Junco 549.McCown's Longspur 550.Lapland Longspur 551.Smith's Longspur 552.Chestnut-collared Longspur 553.Little Bunting 554.Rustic Bunting 555.Snow Bunting 56.Northern Cardinal 557.Pyrrhuloxia 558.*Rose-breasted Grosbeak 559.Black-headed Grosbeak 560.Blue Grosbeak 561.Lazuli Bunting 562.Indigo Bunting 563.Varied Bunting 564.Painted Bunting 565.Dickcissel 566.Bobolink 567.*Red-winged Blackbird 568.Tricolored Blackbird 569.Western Meadowlark 570.Yellow-headed Blackbird 571.Rusty Blackbird 572.*Brewer's Blackbird 573.Common Grackle 574.Great-tailed Grackle 575.Bronzed Cowbird 576.*Brown-headed Cowbird 577.Orchard Oriole 578.Hooded Oriole 579.Streak-backed Oriole 580.Bullock's Oriole 581.*Baltimore Oriole 582.*Scott's Oriole 583.Brambling 584.Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch 585.Black Rosy-Finch 586.Pine Grosbeak 587.Purple Finch 588.Cassin's Finch 589.*House Finch 590.*Red Crossbill 591.White-winged Crossbill 592.Common Redpoll 593.Pine Siskin 594.Lesser Goldfinch 595.Lawrence's Goldfinch 596.American Goldfinch 597.*Evening Grosbeak

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