Sunday, July 26, 2009

77. Make my Husband Breakfast in Bed

I completed one of the things on my Rogue Life List today. Some of the things on my list are little things like making my husband breakfast in bed, but a lot of times we forget that the little things happen every day around us and sometimes the little things matter the most. I would really like to say that I woke up early, before dawn to do create a surprise breakfast but this is me and well I just adore sleep more than a fat kid loves cake. I guess it is a good thing that Mr. Rogue likes to sleep in longer than me on the weekends.

So I woke up at 11:00 am, hey we are childless and stayed up late, and this is LALA land where the nightlife is wild and the days are quiet. So like I said I woke up and I was laying there looking at a slumbering Mr. Rogue thinking how lucky I am to have the best husband in the entire world; how he tells me the hard things when I need to hear them the most, how he takes care of me when I hurt myself, and how he gets me McDonalds when I am hung over (damn those Peartini’s, those luscious delightful super delicious Peartinis). And then I decided to do something nice and unexpected randomly, and not because it is his birthday or because it is our anniversary but to just make him breakfast in bed because I love him, I love everything about him.

It was simple but I love that I know exactly what he likes in the morning, I felt so wife-like. I whipped together a toasted sandwich with butter on one side, two eggs sunny side up, one slice of American cheese, a small glass of OJ, and a little bit of fruit. I have made countless, endless, unlimited amounts of breakfasts for Mr. Rogue. But this was the first ever breakfast in bed I have made in my life. It felt good, he appreciated me, I appreciated him, I may be addicted to this high.


Then he got up and did the dishes, truly the best husband ever.


myLA said...

This makes me smile. So, glad you completely #77. I love the woman that you are. Congratulations on making the simple things in life spectacular.

paul peggy zeus said...

The little things in life - add up to mean more in life than most "big" things ever will. I believe in that line "life's simple pleasures are the best".

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