Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I was sad, I am glad that the weather in California was sad as well. There is nothing like a lazy warm dry day at home while it is raining outside. Thankfully I was not ‘allowed’ to wallow too long. Ms. Dancer swept into the rescue and took me to see the new movie by Pixar ‘Up’. What a heartfelt gut wrenching story, a film that reminds me of a youth like wonder with lots of optimism. I won’t give away the details because the movie was SERIOUSLY that good. You should go see it. It was so good that I cried through half and laughed through the other half. They did a great job of making an emotional movie that really swung me through on my heartstrings.

I think that the Director Pete Docter gives the best description of what the movie is about:

“We wanted more ‘Dumbo’ and less ‘Star Wars’. In certain parts, it’s more of a feeling we-re going after than linear storytelling.”

All I have to say is DAMN Pixar you have done it again. Sometimes we all just need a little rescuing, thanks Ms. Dancer for rescuing me today.

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