Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Tuesday Three-way

I was sitting at my computer this afternoon working on my to do list and surfing my daily sites when both puppies started to play tug of war with a new toy I had just given them. Since they were making such a ruckus I decided to join in. In the past when I played tug of war with just Rogue I was able to hold my own, he is about 90lbs and it was hard but I managed to do pretty well. However add another Rottie, Phoenix, even though she is just a puppy she is still 45lbs. With both of them tugging together they managed to drag me across the room. Now of course this was me one handed while I took photos with the other hand, I am SURE if I had used both hands and every ounce of strength I possessed I may have actually won. After a few minutes of this arm workout I let go and let them duke it out again. Of course within a short time of that the toy was already broken. But that is what my Rottie’s do best; destroy toys that are deemed STURDY. Yea right!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun! Poor my baby sweetheart would never in a million years be able to drag me or any other human being across a room!

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