Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taste Buds: Trifle or Truffle

We had a dinner party today where I decided to try a new desert recipe that I have never made. I found it in one of my William Sonoma cookbooks and I have been waiting for the right occasion to pull it out. Originally I was thinking the Fourth of July because it is red white and blue but when I was attempting to find a sweet for tonight a few days ago I knew this was the occasion that I needed to make it.

I decided to make a fancy Sherry Trifle with homemade custard, a Sherry mixture of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and lemon pound cake. Unfortunately I have never had a trifle so I was not really sure how it was supposed to taste, nor do I have the correct dish to make it in. I decided to go pick up the dish so yesterday I braved death by overspending and popped into Bed Bath and Beyond. I have to confess that every single damn time I step foot in that store I always end up with a million things that I was not intending to get. I tried to make a list and get only the items on my list but I was a failure. I tried going again and bringing Mr. Rogue as backup but he got sucked into the marvelousness of the store as well and we ended up in the car with a few hundred dollars of kitchenware and a slitting headache wondering how we even got there. I think that part of the stores strategy is to hide those items most needed or wanted in random places tucked behind all those gimic items. Today I gave myself a pep talk before stepping foot in the door, ‘Ok you are going in, you are going to ask for someone to help you find the Trifle dish and then you are going to purchase it and walk out with ONLY THE TRIFLE DISH’. So I marched in asked someone for help and got a confused look “Trifle dish?” he said “Don’t you mean a Truffle dish”. Now here I started to panic a little, was I mispronouncing the word like I did when someone asked for Merlot and I was not aware that the T was silent which cause me NO END OF GRIEF. He did end up leading me right to the correct dish, the one I saw in the cookbook so I thought you say POtato I say PotAto. I almost picked up a divine smelling candle on the way to the cashier but I resisted and then I did pick up a pack of M&M’s only because I really could not resist and it was only fifty cents.

I then got on the phone with my mother later on that evening, we were talking about the menu for the dinner party and of course I started talking about the Trifle and again I got the confused pause “You mean Truffle” she said. So now I am taking it as fact that I don’t know what I am talking about that the Trifle in my cookbook is actually pronounced Truffle. I vow still to look it up on Google the next chance I get just to be sure and then Ms. Ivey League called and she in my opinion knows just as much if not more than Google. She confirmed that I am in fact making a Trifle. The world now makes sense again.

Anyways the Trifle came out AMAZING, so good in fact that the stuffed people still wanted to eat desert even though we were all so full AND there was an Englishman to attest to my Trifle’s awesomeness.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Trifle or Truffle - your dessert looks absolutely fantastic! YUMMM!

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