Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Puppy Update

Phoenix is fitting into our home remarkably well. Her stitches are healed and the nasty parasite she had is now gone. Today marked a very important day, it was the first day that I was allowed to bathe her. Unfortunately because of her complications with the spay surgery and because you cannot wash a dog that got disposable stitches which she has wet my vet insisted that she did not get a bath until today. And let me tell you the smell of her, even though I was washing her with baby wipes, WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME think that there was something that died under the house. Now that she is all sparkly clean and I have disinfected the house of the smell I am much happier.

Her and Rogue spend ALL their time together and are practically joined at the hip, when one zigs the other flows and I think out of everyone in the house Rogue loves Phoenix THE most, which is a lot because she is so adorable I have a hard time sharing. I am amazed that my quiet mellow dog is now skipping along with the puppy playing all the time. I am so happy we decided to get her because Rogue is truly much happier with a companion of his own.

I don’t feel as unprepared getting a dog this time. Maybe it is because I am sharing the responsibilities of her with my husband; it makes it a lot easier when I can count on the help. Or maybe it is the extra time I have around the house pottie training and her commands are being learned so quickly we have moved onto leash and not jumping on people training. Or maybe it is because I know what I am doing this time. Regardless I am so happy with our little addition, she makes me smile with her puppy awkwardness and her sweet loving nature. Glad to have you join the family Phoenix.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Sounds like Phoenix is just the right medicine for you!!! I know Zeus helped me out tremendously!

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