Thursday, June 18, 2009

Popular Hangout

I have two cats that shed in a single day more cat hair than a million cats put together in a month. Well that may be a slight exaggeration but seriously it is exponentially more than normal. I have a rule about not allowing them on the kitchen table or the kitchen counters, it just is not sanitary. I was pretty diligent with a water spray bottle and they seem to be cool with following that rule. I have however tried to train them to do other things and have failed considerably. Such as put my fat cat on a diet or get them to not lay in high traffic zones, and then there is my computer desk. They like to lie right on my hands, or in front of my monitor, or chase the cursor on the screen. I have been trying unsuccessfully to keep them off the desk but they love to be with me and I spend a few hours on the computer a day. So instead of fighting the tide I gave in and made a spot BEHIND my monitors. All I did was lay a towel down (a towel so I can just very easily put it in the washer once a week) and put the cat on the towel. Immediately they knew this area was theirs and now they sleep there often. I am finding over the past few months since we got our own little ACCP (Annoying Cat Chasing Puppy) they are using this hideout all the time just to chill). Smart of them I know.


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Anonymous said...

Look how sweet they both look all curled up in their new special space! When are we going to see how much fatty catty lost?

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