Friday, June 26, 2009

Photo Phriday: Graffiti

Recently I saw this article about a guy who vandalized a few snails homes. The graffiti artist, Slinkachu, calls his work “A slow moving street art project”. Personally I think it is one of the coolest new breed in graffiti artists that I have seen in a while. What a super creative idea. And for those of you animal lovers like me don't worry he made sure to use non toxic paints and no snails were hurt in this process.


You can see more of his work here. I have always been a huge fan of graffiti, well good graffiti anyways, and I am in one of the best cities to enjoy some of the greatest graffiti artists. On my recent trip downtown for my friends photo shoot see here and here, and my visit to the furniture district I managed to squeeze a little time to take some photos of the graffiti that I saw. Here are some of the best although I know I have not even touched the iceberg of what is out there, plan on seeing another Photo Phriday (or many) on graffiti in the future. For now enjoy.












This last shot is by far my absolute favourite of today. She reminds me a little of a twisted Betty Boop. My grandmother loves Boop and whenever I see one it always reminds me of her. Even though I don’t know if grandma would quite appreciate this character I cannot help but love this piece of art with the same part of my heart I reserve for Tim Burton and a few Marilyn Manson songs.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Some of this is actually ART! I do love a good mural painted on a building, but don't particularly care for the ghetto graffiti.

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