Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mysterious You

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately about people. There have been a series of events in my life that have made me older and wiser. What I am coming to the conclusion of lately is that you THINK that you know someone but deep down people that I have known all my life or for at least a long period of time still do things that surprise the shit out of me. You date someone, you befriend someone, you are related to someone and then later down the road you find out things that you never would have suspected them to be capable of. Secrets come out, unknown behaviours or addictions rear their ugly head and skeletons in the closet are shown to all.

One of my most traumatic lessons is when my dog, Rogue, got stolen. Only a year later did I find out that my ex had taken him and lied about it. An ex boyfriend that I thought I was going to marry, a man that I thought was the love of my life, a man that put me through years of emotional abuse and who stole my precious dog. A man I found out just recently had a cocaine habit while we were dating and successfully hid it from me. A man I found out just had a porn habit while we were dating and successfully hid it from me. A man that I thought I knew but obviously I was too naive about how people really are.

My step grandfather married my grandmother before I was born. He had a sister who was mentally handicap and when his parents passed away my grandfather and him took care of his sister. Ms. W was always there for family events and even though she had only an age of a four year old we loved her for her happy nature. Four years ago a man knocked on my grandparent’s door. He asked my grandmother if she was Ms. W, and curiously my grandmother replied that Ms. W would not have any business with anyone and that this stranger should talk to her Ms. W caregiver. The man informed my grandparents that he was Ms. W’s son. And that is when the sordid, skeleton in the closet, truth came out. From what the family can piece together it seems Ms. W was put in a home for a short time after her parents died and that she was raped there by an orderly. She was found pregnant and her sister took her way for a year, the baby was put up for adoption and told no one was ever told about the baby. This man went looking for his mother because he was getting married. Ms. W when questioned remembers nothing but stomach pain and it hurting. She is oblivious to the turmoil in the room around her. Imagine the families and his shock. Even family will hide things.

A friend of mine moved out to LA with her boyfriend. After a few months they decided things were not working out but because real estate and apartments are expensive in LA they were still living together until he could find a place. She came home one night to find her 8lb Maltese puppy badly beaten. It seems her ex man had gotten drunk and gotten violent on her poor defenceless puppy. She is pressing charges but that is not going to erase the damage to her dog or explain why a man she thought she knew and used to love would do something so terrible.

These are just a few instances of betrayal and there are SO MANY MORE. I feel that sometimes that bad outweighs the good in this world. Or that the bad gets talked about more than the good. Anyways in conclusion either you can be paranoid your entire life (glass empty), you can just think that everyone is good until they prove otherwise (glass full), or some happy medium where I will probably live.


myLA said...

I love this post. Once again, one of my lovelies is fierce in her vulnerability. So direct, so honest, so true. Wow.

lilmansworld said...

i like this post too. why don't you write a book? negativity/positivity sells~!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it's even worse! Ms W was actually raped by her BROTHER-IN-LAW!! How notorious can it get???

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