Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out on the Town

Ms. Eden lives downtown and it is a perfect hub for many of us who live all over LALA Land to gather. After our photoshoot we settled into her house and attempted to take in the majesty of the day. I mean it is not often I get to experience so much of the wonderful things in LA all in one day. It was a perfectly sunny day and although we managed to get some RIDICULOUS farmers tans because of our lack of correct sunscreen protection a park, the beach and then downtown it was just too perfect.

After decompressing we headed off to a local downtown bar to grab dinner. Walking into the bar, nautical theme and all, we nabbed a seat in the back and proceeded to order some great food from the surprisingly short menu. Although there were not a lot of choices I like when an establishment can make their food well. There was no wine list at the bar so I ordered a new obsession of mine, a peach stoli martini which was super delicious.

Midway through our appetisers Ms. Eden looks at me funny and then giggles and says something randomly about Mr. T as she points behind me. Thinking I was going to see the ACTUAL Mr. T or Mr. T’s most avid fan who was dressed like him (not surprising in LALA) I turned around. Now I don’t understand why it was there but there was a cut-out of Mr. T’s head floating perfectly behind me and watching us eat. I think it is a sign from God that maybe Mr. T is one of my guardian angels. I will need to think on that.


Speaking of things that you are not surprised to see in LALA, driving on the way to Hollywood we actually saw Jesus. Not a guy with a Jesus haircut that I originally thought when Ms. Boots pointed him out but a long haired, bearded, robe wearing man who seriously was dressed as Jesus. I only curse the fact that I was so immersed in drinking the site of Jesus walking down the street with all the club goers that I did not think to get my camera out of my purse and get a photo.

Arriving at the House of Blues where our friend Ms. Model is a cocktail waitress I get my seventh wind of the night. Since getting only a few hours of sleep last night, the eight hours of photoing, dinner and now the club, my old tired butt is getting a beating. None of us were really in the mood to drink but we did find a delicious couch that we parked on and I finally got a good glass of wine. I love the House of Blues, well let me clarify I think that the downstairs large room where there is a mosh pit of trashed withering drunk 20 something year olds and where the music is so loud it effects how your hearts rhythm works so your blood pressure immediately skyrockets, not that part. But the upstairs Foundation room where the music is moderately thumping, where conversation seat sets are positioned in comfortable small groups where the crowd is laughing at witty jokes and drinking a fine glass of wine. This is totally more my style.


The one thing I was a little concerned with is the House of Blues interior decorator. And I can’t help myself when I talk about this, it is just a product of the artist that I am that I assess everywhere I go in an aesthetic sense. The architecture of the rooms upstairs were lavishly appointed with buttresses and detailed ceiling work. I loved the textiles they used for most of the fabrics in the room and as a whole it suggested a rich extravagant style. However with that being said there were moments of “What the HELL was the interior decorator thinking” when items like this leopard print sink that was in the restroom pop out.


And there were many random leopard prink sink type items scattered weirdly throughout the space. I was really confused by them and I would really like to know if this was their intentional decision or were there just budget cuts at the end that forced some less than appealing decisions.

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