Sunday, June 21, 2009

Like a Two Year Old

My friend Ms. Dancer asked me a few days ago to come help paint on Sunday, then she called and said that we would need to come on Saturday, then she called and said that she did not have to work Friday and finished painting so maybe instead of painting on Saturday we could just move her big furniture to her new apartment, which led to chaotic unorganized move yesterday. Because I had too much to drink the night before, and since I have gotten less than 6 hours of sleep the past two nights I was already crabby when we started and the mood just got worse. Seriously I was watching myself from the outside and I was winey and complainy and went through the motions of moving but I was NOT HAPPY. This included lots of smart ass comments and unnecessary glares. Then I got really hungry, plans kept changing and it went horribly downhill from there. When I finally did get home I took a shower, popped an Extra Strength Tylenol and lay down for an hour of quiet time to try and center myself. Sometimes I just don’t know what gets into me.

Also because of Ms. Dancers move I no longer have a kitchen table. You see I have been using Ms. Dancer’s table due to the fact that she owns a dining room table and did not have a dining room.


Her new place, fortunately for her/ unfortunately for me, has a dining room SO the table we have had in our kitchen for the past year and a half is now gone. And what a large barren room it now is.


We have an extra IKEA table in our storage room that we use for large parties that we are going to put in the kitchen as a temporary solution because I don’t want to be rushed into just filling in the extra space and end up with something I don’t like. So here we are with our mog-pog ghetto superstar look.


Over the next few weeks I am going to visit the furniture district downtown and a few other furniture stores. Hopefully I will find something great.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I LOVE the first and last shot of Ms Boots. Very dramatic - she is very good to the camera. No comment about the new dining room table & unmatched chairs...(haha)

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