Monday, June 29, 2009

Kenneth Hahn Park

Mrs. Cutie Pie, a teacher, is finally off for the summer. So she is now able to hang out during the day. We decided to go on a hike today to a park close to my house. It is one of my favourite hikes in the area because although it has a few steep parks most of it is relatively flat. There is also some wonderful vistas of Downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We spent two hours sweating in the sun. Even though my thighs were killing me from my four hours of roller skating the day before we managed to make a two hour hike through the park. After the hike we curled up on a table and ate a picnic in the sun. It was such a wonderful simple afternoon. We had such a great time that we are going to attempt to hike often.

Of course I brought my camera. Here are some of my favourite shots.





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myLA said...

I need to take you to this spot I like in the OC. And, I need a tag line/slogan or something dont I?

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