Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Brain: First is Sometimes the Best

It is never pleasant to visit a new doctor because of the endless questions of illnesses that run in your family, the lists of things you are allergic to and ailments you may have, and all the personal questions that you would rather just not answer. This does not even tap into the fact that a person is going to poke and prod you like a science experiment to make sure that ‘Everything is ok’. Add to the fact that I am also interviewing the person who’s decisions will affect my health and that of my hopefully soon to be child there is a lot to deal with on this particular doctors visit.

When I first walked in there was a room full of women, some pregnant and some with small babies cradled in their arms. After I filled out the MOUNTAIN of paperwork I had to complete as a new patient at this office I took advantage of the fact that the doctor was running late to talk to the other women in the room about their experiences with this particular doctor. I was pretty happy with their comments that she was very personable, that she really cared about you as well as your baby, that she really took her time with you and you never felt rushed. The only negative point they had was that there were scheduling conflicts often and the wait times were sometimes longer but I can see that as a positive thing like one woman said. “The reason she is such a great doctor is because she takes her time, if that means I need to wait for another 20 minutes so I am not rushed is fine by me. And the reason she reschedules appointments a lot is because she is there for the babies births, if I have to reschedule then she will reschedule others when it is my time for my baby to be born.”

When I met her I just felt taken care of. She was sweet and spent a lot of time talking to me and answering my questions. She even spent a good portion of our time talking about my depression and of other herbal and lifestyle changes I could make to my life that may help. I am cancelling my other appointments because I know she is the one.

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paul peggy zeus said...

She sounds like the best OBGYN on the planet! I'm so happy she offered her help with your depression and went about it in such a natural way...too!!

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