Monday, June 22, 2009

A Furniture Mission

Ms. Dancer and I headed out today on a mission. I need a new dining room table and she just moved into a new apartment and is out for items that will fit in with her new theme. Originally we intended to go to the Furniture District downtown but the places that we found either were very disappointing OR you had to be an interior decorator to purchase anything. Annoyed Ms. Dancer suggested that we check out the Helm’s Bakery District.

Although I have heard a lot about Helm’s I had never had the opportunity to go. Located in Culver City the Helm’s Bakery District used to be the largest bakery in LA. Their slogan was “Daily at Your Door” because they actually delivered fresh bread right to your home in 1931. Now however it has been renovated as a location for a collection of furniture stores that specialize in contemporary furniture. I loved the restored architecture and the history of the building that had been recreated as a place for artists. Everywhere you turned there were different things that paid homage to the Bakery roots of the buildings. And the stores are just the best damn furniture stores I have been to in a long while.



I particularly fell in love with the ENTIRE STORE of H.D. Buttercup it was 150,000 sq. ft of yummy goodness. I wonder if Mr. Rogue would care much if I redecorate the entire house. No surprise to me that after three and a half hours this is where I found the only table of the day that I liked. I am as picky with furniture as I am with shoes. I am going to let this table marinate a while and then bring Mr. Rogue to go and take a look this weekend.



Kim & Chris said...

H.D. Buttercup have super sales twice a year. One happens just after Christmas the other over the summer. I just got a dining room table for 6 there at a great price. I also got a couple of leather chairs. Keep this on your hit list, they get great stuff that is high quality.

If you ever go to NYC they have a store there called ABC its on Broadway. You would buy everything there and ship it here.

paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like a cool little town - what did your honey think of the table?

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